Spending your year-end holidays with mountain tours in Europe? No need to worry! The year-end holiday season is the perfect time to take a break from the busyness of the capital. Mountains which are synonymous with tranquility can be an option for tourist destinations to unwind, you know, traveladdict friends!

Stunning scenery and cool air make mountain tourism often favored by people from all walks of life. The rise of mountainous tourist destinations both at home and abroad sometimes makes it difficult for us to choose the best location to spend time during the holiday season.

If you feel bored with mountain tourist destinations in the country, it doesn’t hurt to try something new, right? Visiting mountain tourist destinations in Europe for example! Now, this is not just a dream. The following are 3 affordable mountain tourist destinations in Europe that you should visit:

  1. Vorarlberg Mountains Tour, Austria
  2. Tour of the Tatra Mountains, Poland-Slovakia
  3. Dolomites Mountains Tour, Italy

Just looking at the name must have aroused curiosity, right? Therefore, let’s just look at the reviews which are equipped with various kinds of information below!

1. Tour Vorarlberg Mountains, Austria (Starting from Rp. 470,000.00)

Tourist area of ​​the Vorarlberg Mountains, Italy
Tourist area of ​​the Vorarlberg Mountains, Austria

Overnight at a campsite, in the mountainous tourist area of ​​Vorarlberg, Austria, is a dream of many people. Watching the sparkling stars as long as the eye can see will certainly be an amazing experience.

Panorama Camping Sonnenberg, which is located in the mountainous tourist area of ​​Vorarlberg, also offers views of the setting sun in 5 valleys and the summit of Mount Vorarlberg. With a distance of about 600m above sea level, a neat camping environment, and spectacular views, the Vorarlberg mountain tour is certainly not to be missed.

Not only that, but this mountainous tourist area is also equipped with 115 field areas, playgrounds, and hot springs. In addition to very adequate facilities, this Vorarlberg mountain tourist location is also very suitable for those of you who like hiking and cycling. Not only that, but you can also visit the Lünersee crater lake which is loved by young people.

With complete facilities and an excellent location, you only need to pay € 28 or Rp. 470,000.00 for two people in high season to stay in the tourist area of ​​the Vorarlberg mountains, you know traveladdict friends! Very affordable, right?

2.Tatra Mountains Tour, Poland-Slovakia (starting from Rp. 620,000.00)

Tourist area of ​​the Tatra Mountains, Poland-Slovakia
Tourist area of ​​the Tatra Mountains, Poland-Slovakia

The location of this mountainous tourist area located between the borders of Poland and Slovakia makes the Tatra Mountains one of the must-visit tourist destinations. The Tatra mountain tourism area is a favorite among tourists because this place has its own beauty, even when the seasons change.

In winter this place is crowded with visitors who enjoy winter sports, namely skiing. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the snowy slopes at the inns available in this mountainous tourist area of ​​Tatra. Meanwhile, in the summer, visitors can do hiking and rock climbing in the wild. Do not forget the stunning panoramic views of valleys, meadows, emerald lakes, and open peaks as far as the eye can see in the tourist area of ​​the Tatra Mountains.

Visitors can see the unspoiled natural scenery of Central Europe at a much lower price when compared to other mountainous tourist areas in Italy, France, and Switzerland. You only need to pay € 36 or around Rp. 620,000.00 / person for day tours in the tourist area of ​​the Tatra Mountains, Poland-Slovakia. Interested in trying?

3. Dolomites Mountain Tour, Italy (starting from Rp. 2,215,000.00)

Dolomites Mountains tourist area, Italy
Dolomites Mountains tourist area, Italy

Incredible high peaks, steep slopes, and stunning cliffs are a unique attraction of the tourist area of ​​the Dolomites Mountains, Italy. If in general, mountain tourism in Europe is only synonymous with skiing or hiking, now the Dolomites Mountains tourist area offers something different.

For those of you who like to ski, hike, hike, and learn basic jumping, the Dolomites Mountains tourist area seems perfect for you! In this mountain tour, you can see many peaks whose reach can still be explored by basic hoppers who like to find new locations.

This tourist area of ​​the Dolomites Mountains is perfect for visiting with relatives and families who like an adventure. Adventure while enjoying the view that spoils the eye, and surrounded by lakes, valleys, and meadows, sounds like a dream, right?

To enjoy an adventurous experience with a new sensation in the Dolomites Mountains you only need to pay $152 or around Rp. 2,215,000.00,you know traveladdict friends! The journey starts from the city of Milan by train for approximately 5 hours to reach the tourist area of ​​the Dolomites Mountains, Italy. What an adventure that can’t be missed!

Learn more about the Dolomites

Surely now traveladdict friends can’t wait to visit various mountainous tourist areas in Europe, right? But it’s good for you to prepare in advance. Starting from planning the date of departure and return, how long you will stay in the mountain tourist destination of your choice, the budget that must be spent, to your own health.

As we know, now the Covid-19 Pandemic is hitting almost all countries in the world. Therefore, now you still have plenty of time to plan ahead, so that when the pandemic is over you are ready to travel — adhering to health protocols of course!

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