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Need some cool refreshing during WFH? Let’s go to an amusement park to just ride the usual to extreme game rides.

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As a result of the pandemic, many activities are carried out from home which makes us more often look at laptop screens at home. Certainly, it makes us bored and needs a moment to refresh to a cool place so that we can be refreshed in carrying out activities. If that’s the case, this is perfect for going to an amusement park. There are many activities that can be done, ranging from the usual to extreme rides with family and friends. Guaranteed a moment of refreshing at the amusement park can relieve fatigue during WFH activities. Given the current pandemic, we don’t need to go far enough in Indonesia, this amusement park is already very exciting. What amusement parks we can go to? Let’s check 4 amusement park recommendations!

Fantasy World (Dufan), Jakarta

One of the oldest and most famous amusement parks in Indonesia, Dufan, which has the icon of two clowns, is located in the Ancol Impian Jaya Complex, North Jakarta. It can be said that almost all Indonesians have been to Dufan because this amusement park is very famous since ancient times. There are so many games that you can ride, starting from puppet castles, ferris wheel, Niagara-Gara, kora-kora, rafting, tornado, and lightning. Not only that, but now Dufan has developed even more with other games that are no less exciting, namely paragliding, caravel, zigzag, haunted coaster, and many more.

Before the pandemic, there were many promo tickets to amusement parks that were offered by Dufan for visitors such as annual pass which means free entry to Dufan for one year for free, premium tickets where the holder does not have to queue up while riding the rides and even get a special VIP room for ngadem, and other promos. Dufan also provides a place to eat for those of you who are hungry after playing. That is why until now Dufan is still one of the best amusement parks in Indonesia.

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East Java (Jatim) Park, Batu

It cannot be denied that Batu city, which is located in East Java, is indeed famous as a tourist place, one of which is the Jatim Park amusement park. No half-hearted, there are three amusement parks starting from Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, and Jatim Park 3. So what are the differences between the three theme parks? The difference lies in the concept, which is that Jatim Park 1 carries a tense and extreme game concept. Jatim Park 2 with the concept of types of museums, zoos, and nature. Finally, Jatim Park 3 has a dinosaur museum concept.

Through the three choices of Jatim Park, visitors can choose where to go, according to the purpose of the vacation. Do you want to ride a game on a thrilling ride? Or just looking at a dinosaur type museum or zoo? It is all adjusted again with their respective vacation goals and who are also on vacation.

Jungle Land, Bogor

Bogor is one of the mainstay cities for Jabodetabek residents to take a short vacation, to relieve fatigue from work. This makes a lot of vacation spots in Bogor like Jungle Land. Located in Sentul, Bogor, this amusement park feels very cool with views of Mount Pancar. So that vacationing in Jungle Land will feel cool. You can imagine how cool it is to play in an amusement park with a very beautiful and cool natural view.

In Jungle Land, the game will be divided into certain zones starting from Tropicalia, Mysteria, Explora, and Carnivalia. In each zone, there will be lots of exciting rides that we can ride! That is why in Jungle Land, apart from relieving fatigue by riding rides in it, we can also enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

Trans Studio Bandung

Previously we mentioned an amusement park with an outdoor theme, not to mention that there is also an indoor theme, namely Trans Studio Bandung, located on Jalan Gatot Subroto, Bandung. In contrast to what has been mentioned above, Trans Studio is located in a mall, so before entering we have to pass the mall first.

No less exciting with the outdoor theme, Trans Studio also has many rides such as Yamaha Racing Coaster, Vertigo, Giant Swing, Another World, Giant Land, Marvel Superheroes 4D, and many more. Trans Studio is designed with advanced technology, allowing visitors to enjoy a more extraordinary sensation. Playing at Trans Studio Bandung can be an alternative for tourists who are on vacation in Bandung.

After mentioned, which theme park are you interested in going to? Is one of those mentioned or is there another? By refreshing there for a moment, it is hoped that it can recover energy so that it can work properly again during WFH. Of course, it is no less important during this pandemic to maintain health protocols. Thus, when going to an amusement park, you must follow the rules of health protocol, starting from wearing a mask, maintaining distance, and maintaining cleanliness.