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Traveling is one of the favorite ways to spend time alone, with family, or with friends during the holidays. after weeks, even months bored with school and work, traveling is often an option!

Apart from holidays in the country, many foreign destinations are a favorite of many people. When traveling within the country, you don’t have much to prepare other than accommodation, tickets, supplies, and so on.

However, for travel abroad, there are several travel documents that you must prepare for the safety and comfort of your trip.

Travel documents are important for your administrative and immigration purposes so that your vacation is smooth and uninterrupted. Therefore, let’s take a look at the 4 travel documents you need to know before traveling abroad!

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1. Passport

Illustration of the green passport of the Republic of Indonesia, an important travel document for Indonesian citizens
Image source: Tribun Jakarta

Everyone knows the importance of this travel document – yup, a passport! A passport is a document that serves as your identification file when you travel abroad. The passport contains your identity as the holder.

The passport itself consists of several types, namely:

Ordinary Passport or Green Passport

Ordinary passports are passports used by the general public for trips abroad. This passport has a green cover and contains 24 or 48 pages, both of which can be used for vacation or work.

Service Passport or Blue Passport

A service passport with a blue cover is a passport used by government officials when traveling abroad.

Diplomatic Passport or Black Passport

Diplomatic passports are passports used by Indonesian citizens who travel abroad for diplomatic purposes.

2. Visa

one of the travel documents, namely a passport, contains a visa in the form of a stamp

The travel document that you need to know next is a visa. Not all countries require a visa for foreign tourists, however, you need to know that anyway!

Unlike a passport that serves as an identity mark, a visa is a travel document that shows a person’s permission to enter a certain country. Visa in the form of a stamp stamped on your passport, or a sticker affixed to the inside.

There are also many visas, you know. Based on their function, visas are divided into 12 types. Come see each type of visa below!

Family Visit Visa

For those of you who have family living abroad, this type of visa must be very familiar! This family visit visa or Relatives Permit is a temporary visit visa with a period of 90 days.

Tourist Visa

For traveling abroad, this is what is important! This tourist visa or Tourist Visa is a temporary visit visa, and each country has different policies in making it.

Business Visa

For travel abroad for business purposes, a business visa is required. The business needs in question also vary, in the form of conferences, meetings, visits to cooperation agreements with companies located in other countries.

Work visa

Work visas are for Indonesian citizens who wish to work abroad within a certain period of time. Usually, a work visa is only valid according to the duration of the worker’s contract. So, if the work contract has expired, then you are required to return to your home country.

Transit Visa

A transit visa is used as a permit to exist in a certain country before traveling to another country. A transit visa can be a permit to be at the airport only (Airport Transit Visa) or to go anywhere in the country of transit.

A transit visa which is only limited to a transit airport is valid for a few hours and you cannot get out of the airport until your next flight, even for overnight stays.

As for the Transit Visa, you can travel outside the airport while waiting for your next transit and departure schedule.

Study Visa

This visa, as the name implies, is used by students who are going to study abroad, such as universities. The study visa or study visa is valid for the duration of the school period, including the holiday season.

Student Exchange Visa

A student exchange visa is similar to a study visa but is used for students who are on a temporary exchange program. This visa arrangement is usually facilitated with assistance from the relevant educational institution.

Visa on Arrival

Unlike other visas that must be prepared long before departure, Visa on Arrival is a type of visa that can be obtained right when you arrive at the destination country.

Not all countries provide Visa on Arrival services, and the duration varies for each country. You can see here which countries you can visit with Visa on Arrival.

Diplomatic Visa

Similar to diplomatic passports, diplomatic visas are specifically reserved for state diplomats and Indonesian citizens whose travel needs are for diplomatic assignments.

Exit Visa

An exit visa is a permission to leave a country to move to another country that is listed in it. This visa is also used by foreign nationals who are required to leave a country because they have been imprisoned.

Shhh .. Exit Visa also contains restrictions on returning to a country that issued a visa, you know! Stay away from the Exit Visa, yes!

Special Visa for International Employees

As the name implies, this visa can be applied for by people who work in an international agency or company.

Special Business Visa

After all, wasn’t the business visa already mentioned? A special business visa is different from a regular business visa! A special business visa is not a temporary visit, so you can stay for a longer period in the destination country.

An example of the purpose of applying for this visa is for company expansion to another country or even the opening of a company in another country. These two examples certainly take a lot of time.

Applying for a special business visa will provide convenience and flexibility in your long-term business dealings!

3. Fiscal Information

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As a tourist travel document, a fiscal certificate is useful as a sign that you are a citizen who has paid taxes according to the regulations. You can show your NPWP to airport officials as a fiscal statement.

When traveling abroad, fiscal statements are important travel documents to show that you are not a citizen of a country with administrative problems.

4. Health Card

Health Card
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Some countries require migrants to have a health certificate, also known as a health card, before entering the country. The World Health Organization (WHO) calls the health card a yellow card.

Do you have to have a health card? Of course, a health card is an important travel document to ensure that entrants do not carry certain diseases to the destination country.

Necessities and belongings before traveling are stored in suitcases

Those are 4 travel documents that you must know if you want to travel abroad.

What are you waiting for, let’s spend some quality time with the people closest to you! Don’t forget, prepare yourself and your accommodation so that your vacation will be enjoyable and memorable!