Although Bali is indeed very famous for its charm of beaches and other tourist destinations, Balinese specialties are equally popular. Balinese specialties have a rich and unique taste so that they are the target of both local and foreign tourists. It’s not complete without a culinary tour on the Island of the Gods.

The variety of Balinese specialties will not make you run out of culinary destinations when you travel here, you know! With the abundant taste of spices, it is only fitting that Balinese specialties have made an impression on tourists’ tongues. Not only local tourists, but many tourists from various countries come to hunt for Balinese specialties to be spoiled.

If you are confused about which Balinese specialties will be included in your list of culinary destinations, take it easy, traveladdict friends. On this occasion, we will recommend 5 of the most famous Balinese specialties and must be hunted when you are on a trip to Bali. Listen to the end, let’s!

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1. Betutu Chicken, Balinese Food for Chicken Lovers

Ayam betutu, Balinese food for chicken lovers
6 Betutu chicken with other complementary condiments (Source: Travel Kompas)

Betutu chicken is the most famous Balinese food, traveladdict friend! There are many Betutu chicken restaurants on every corner of Bali streets and are always crowded with visitors. Chicken, which is the main ingredient, is indeed a common meal for all groups and certainly has many fans. However, the seasoning and processing of this Betutu chicken are different so that it makes the taste very special.

In Bali, chicken betutu is seasoned with a special spice called base genep. The base genep itself is a kind of yellow spice consisting of a number of spices and chilies so that the taste of the chicken betutu is very rich. Apart from the base genep, chicken betutu is also seasoned with fragrant spices, namely complementary spices such as salt, white pepper, cloves, and others.

The chicken that is used for processing this Betutu chicken uses whole native chickens. With the abundant spices, of course the whole free-range chicken won’t taste bland. This is due to the process of boiling spices and chicken wrapped in banana leaves which takes 1.5 hours so that all the spices will soak into the meat.

Not only that, there is the next cooking process, which is roasting the chicken. Chicken that has been boiled for a long time will be more permeable after being grilled and produce a smoky aroma that makes this Betutu chicken even more appetizing. Oops, no wonder this Betutu chicken is known to be very delicious!

Served with warm rice and sambal matah, the enjoyment of eating betutu chicken has multiplied many times. Don’t forget the plecing kale and the fried peanuts as a companion component to one Betutu chicken on your plate so that it becomes a complete dish.

2. Babi Guling, a Balinese food that is no less popular

Babi Guling (Source: BBC – Travel)

Babi guling is a Balinese food that is no less popular than chicken betutu. For local Balinese residents, this food is very familiar, even tourists both domestic and foreign really like it. Food stalls that provide a menu of babi guling are mushrooming in Bali. So just choose which pork roll food stall you want to visit.

Babi guling also uses whole piglets as the main ingredient. As the name suggests, the process of making babi guling is by roasting it and rolling it slowly so that it is cooked perfectly. Ripe pork guling must have a shiny and brownish red skin. The main pleasure of suckling pork lies in its skin. So, the good pork roll is if the skin is tasty and also crunchy.

Usually, babi guling at food stalls is served with other side dishes. Although each food stall serves babi guling in different ways, generally urab, lawar, satay lilit, and pork sausages accompany one plate of boiled pork rice. The price range for one package of boiled pork rice also varies.

Pork guling rice package (Source: Traveloka)

Consisting of white rice, sliced ​​pork, and skin, as well as other side dishes, the price of boiled pork rice is generally priced at IDR 15,000 – IDR 25,000. However, if you visit a pork roll, which is considered luxurious, the price per position can reach IDR 40,000 – IDR 75,000. Of course, at this price, your plate will be even more complete.

So, don’t miss this typical Balinese dish, friends traveladdict! However, for Muslims, please try other Balinese specialties, because babi guling is included in non-halal food.

3. Lawar, Balinese food that is full of meaning

Red and white lawar (Source:IDN Times Bali)

Again, this Balinese dish is not recommended for Muslims. Lawar does seem to consist of vegetables mixed with various spices. However, there is something unique and different so that making lawar is a special dish.

Not only does it use a lot of spices, but grated coconut also becomes a spice mixture so that the lawar taste becomes savory and fragrant. Vegetables consist of chopped long beans and chopped raw jackfruit as well as pieces of meat mixed with spices that have been prepared using bare hands. And interestingly, lawar is usually mixed with animal blood so the taste is very distinctive.

The animal blood used for this lawar spice mixture is also raw. This is what makes lawar an extreme food for tourists. Because there is a mixture of blood, lawar is also non-halal food for Muslims. However, there is also a lawar that does not use a mixture of animal blood, namely the white lawar. Even so, you still have to pay attention to the use of the meat used in it because generally Lawar uses pork chops.

Lawar is a must-have dish during Galungan Day celebrations (Source: Unsplash)

Lawar is generally always on the menu of restaurants in Bali, to be precise as a side dish. In addition, lawar is usually used for offerings during religious ceremonies, for example during Galungan Day celebrations. Lawar must always be present at religious ceremonies because this Balinese food has a symbol of gratitude for the nature given by God. Therefore, the components of lawar consist of plants and animals as a form of the natural wealth given by him.

So, if you feel challenged and curious, try this typical Balinese food, traveladdictfriend. It is guaranteed that your Bali travel experience will never be forgotten!

4. Typical Balinese Sate Lilit Food, Not Ordinary Satay

Balinese satay is different from regular satay (Source: Bali Travel News)

Who doesn’t know satay lilit? This satay with a variety of spices is well known in Indonesia. A Balinese dish without the presence of satay lilit will not be complete. Sate lilit is usually served with rice and other condiments.

As the name suggests, this satay lilit is not a satay which consists of meat sticking it into a stick like any other satay. This satay is a satay with the meat wrapped around it or tightened into a lemongrass stick. Using mackerel fish as the main ingredient, this satay is very safe for consumption by Muslims.

The mackerel fish meat that is ground with Balinese spices makes every bite rich in spices. Coupled with the burnt smell that comes from the smoke during the satay roasting process, it leaves you speechless because of its delicious taste that is difficult to explain. The lemongrass stalk that is used to wrap the meat is not just a decoration, but as a component that contributes to making the satay smell more fragrant and tantalizing.

Therefore, don’t let the twisted satay slip off your plate! If not, you will definitely be very sorry if you don’t taste this typical Balinese satay.

5. Nasi Jinggo, Balinese cat rice

Nasi jinggo, Balinese cat rice which is cheap and cheap (Source: Detik Food)

If Central and East Java have cat rice as their specialty, Bali also has Nasi Jinggo, you know! Both are mini-sized, Nasi Jinggo is a packaged rice that is often targeted by both local residents and tourists because of its cheap price. One packet of jinggo rice costs IDR 3,000 – IDR 5,000.00 only, traveladdict friend.

Jinggo rice is wrapped in banana leaves so that the aroma of the rice inside becomes more fragrant and appetizing. Wrapped in a cone shape, making this tiny jinggo rice very tempting to buy. The shape may be small, but the combination of rice and side dishes in it makes you addicted.

Rice and side dishes in 1 pack of jinggo rice (Source: Detik Food)

Although the Jinggo rice is small, the side dishes you get are quite a lot. Apart from rice, in one package of Nasi Jinggo, there is shredded chicken, sambal sero, tempeh oreg, serundeng, pieces of boiled egg, and also fried noodles. If you feel that one packet of rice with a number of side dishes is still not enough, you don’t need to hesitate to add another pack or two because the price is very cheap.

Food stalls that provide Nasi Jinggo are mushrooming and always crowded with visitors. The cheap price is perfect for backpackers who are hunting for cheap food in Bali. Even though it is cheap, this Balinese cat rice is delicious to enjoy especially with your other backpacker friends.

Take it easy, this one Balinese food is halal. So this jinggo rice is safe to eat by Muslim friends and of course your pockets are also safe, really. So, don’t let this Nasi Jinggo not be included in your list of tourist destinations for your coolie in Bali, huh!

So, those are the 5 most famous Balinese foods and must be eaten if you are traveling to this Island of the Gods,traveladdict friend! That way, your holiday at Bali will feel complete and very memorable to make you feel at home in Bali and reluctant to return to your hometown.

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