Tired of traveling around Yogyakarta? Confused looking for a place to hang out and rest at the same time? traveladdict has 5 recommendations for nongki places, especially for those of you who like natural scenery that refreshes the eye, curious ?? Let’s see what’s going on.

Klotok Coffee Shop

This nongki place is famous for its fried bananas, of course, there are also choices of Javanese specialties such as lodeh vegetables, tofu and tofu, megono rice, and many more. Apart from its location which is adjacent to the rice fields, it is very suitable for those of you who are indie kids and lovers of Senji twilight so, don’t be surprised if the best time to visit Klotok Coffee starts at 16:00 – 17:00 or before Maghrib, a restaurant with a pretty thick Javanese nuance. it is always crowded with visitors both local and domestic and non-domestic tourists. If you want to enjoy the morning nuances at Kopi Klotok, you can also add it if you don’t like crowds, early morning before noon is the right time, traveler.

Fried Banana Mainstay of Klotok Coffee and Coffee to Accompany the Beautiful Views
Fried Banana Mainstay of Klotok Coffee and Coffee to Accompany the Beautiful Views by superadventure.co.id

Kopi Klotok has a fairly large area for travelers, there are three types of places that you can choose from in the gazebo or bale, on the floor with mats and in the main restaurant building which is a Joglo house so you don’t need to be afraid of not getting a place.

Opening and Closing Hours: 06:00 – 20:00

Merapi Coffee Shop

As the name implies, this second nongki place is on the slopes of Munung Merapi, for those of you who like the mountain view, Warung Kopi Merapi can be your choice. traveller. The distinctive feature of Merapi Coffee Shop is that the benches and tables are made of stone, no wonder because the architecture of the building is also dominated by real stone and wood. You can enjoy the view of Mount Merapi right up close, the location of the Merapi Coffee Shop is also close to Lost world Castle and Stonehenge Merapi so you can get various types of traveler views, from natural scenery plus activities around you. You can enjoy the cool and soothing nuances while hanging out at the Merapi coffee shop.

Nongki Place with Mount Merapi View from Merapi Coffee Shop
Nongki Place with Mount Merapi View from Merapi Coffee Shop by tavelisti.co.id

But for those of you who bring your own vehicle, be careful traveller, because access to Merapi Coffee is still a little rocky road effortful but can get the results wonderful. traveladdict recommend that if you want to visit Merapi Coffee, come during the afternoon and it is not recommended at any time weekend because the visitors who come will be crowded and you will find it difficult to find the right place to hang out, here. For food and beverage prices, including cheap, you can get a cup of coffee starting from IDR 8,000 to around IDR 10,000, not only coffee you can also enjoy traditional wedang such as Wedang Gedang, Wedang Secang, and Ginger Merapi.

Opening and Closing Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Wisanggeni Coffee

Still around Mount Merapi, Wisanggeni Coffee offers views of green hills, a cool atmosphere, and thick fog which sometimes covers the hills when the weather is a little cloudy, but that doesn’t mean it reduces the value of the beauty. Wisanggeni Coffee is indeed quite small with a white two-story building and decorations that are monetized by bicycle, it seems that the owner of this nongki place has an interest in bikes, a traveler.

Thick Fog Covers the Hilly View from Wisanggeni Coffee
Thick Fog Covers the Hilly View from Wisanggeni Coffee by Tri Indah Lestari

This hangout place is suitable for those of you who want to spend some time while drinking coffee and snacking on Tempe Mendoan, calm other options such as tea, smoothies, floats too. Its location close to Jeep rentals for offroad around the Mount Merapi area can be a great choice for a short break after a fairly extreme activity.

The location is quite far from the city but with the view that is served, it is guaranteed that fatigue can disappear immediately.

Opening and closing hours: –

The peak of the Figure

If that was the hangout area around or close to Mount Merapi, we swerved to the Bantul area. The peak of the Figure. The location is in a hilly area which is again very suitable for you lovers of dusk and dawn. traveladdict does not recommend if you want to come during the afternoon, traveler because the open area of ​​Sosok Peak can make you burnt or dizzy because of the hot sun in Yogyakarta. Unlike the three nongki places, Puncak Sosok has five stalls selling food and snacks.

Visitors who Nongki at the Peak of a Figure at Night
Visitors who Nongki at the Peak of a Figure at Night by travelisto.co.id

Sosok Peak is still a nongkiing place that has only been around since 2018, but even though it’s still new, Sosok Peak has been well managed, you can hang out in the space that has been provided or you can sit on the floor by renting a mat.

At night, the Peak of Sosok is filled with entertainment in the form of live music that will be present on weekends and it doesn’t rain. Puncak Sosok offers views of the city lights at night from a height as well as the surrounding natural scenery. You can go with your family, friends, or maybe your loved ones.

Opening and Closing Hours: 03:00 – 12:00

Wedang Coffee Prambanan

The position close to Prambanan Temple is perfect for those of you who are tired of walking around Prambanan Temple, traveller. From Wedang Kopi Prambanan you can see several temples at once, including the Twin Temple, Plaosan Temple, and Prambanan Temple. Plus its position which is surrounded by rice fields.

The atmosphere at Wedang Kopi Prambanan in the afternoon
Wedang Kopi Prambanan During the Afternoon by instagram / wedangkopiprambanan

While enjoying the view, you can eat with various food variants. The Wedang Kopi Prambanan area is also quite large, there are 5 areas with three semi-open areas with a Joglo house building and two open areas decorated with benches and tables from a combination of wood and bamboo. .

There is also livemusic which provides entertainment for the visitors. The visitors come from local as well as tourists because it is located in a tourist area so it’s no wonder this place is always crowded with visitors. For food and drinks, it also varies and the price is still affordable, so it won’t drain your wallet.

Opening and Closing Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

If you don’t familiar with the streets in the city of Yogyakarta all recommended places traveladdict you can search using the mainstay navigation of a million people, aka Google Maps, by entering the keyword name of each place you want to visit traveller. That is all for the Recommendation of Nongki Places with Natural Views in Yogyakarta, hopefully worth it for you.