Who says that nature travel can only be to the beach and mountains? For those of you who are bored with both, the desert is a must try! The desert is no less interesting. The desert has its own way to wow tourists even though it is often seen as boring.

Traveling in the desert provides an atmosphere reminiscent of the Middle East with its hot weather and mirage phenomena. Well, if you want to try a new vacation atmosphere, there’s nothing wrong with choosing the desert as your tourist destination. You don’t need to go far to the African continent, Indonesia also has deserts, you know! Although not as large as the Sahara desert, the desert in Indonesia has a similar appearance.

Here are 5 surefire tips to make your vacation in the desert fun and unforgettable:

  1. Exploring the Desert
  2. Take pictures in Beauty Spot
  3. Sand Slide
  4. Offroad and Horse Riding
  5. Go on an excursion

You can make some of the methods above as a reference for planning a vacation in the desert to make it more fun and you can plan it more carefully. Below is a more in-depth review to make your tour in the desert unforgettable.

  • Exploring the Desert
Exploring the vast desert

In the desert, the eyes of tourists will be presented with a wide stretch of sand that looks like it is endless. This view is not impossible to make tourists curious, what’s behind it? To answer this curiosity, you can explore the desert on foot.

Walking in the desert will give you a new atmosphere and help answer your curiosity. If this is your first time, make sure to do it with friends, because even though it’s not the largest desert, you might get lost.

Remember to prepare items that will be very helpful when traveling. You can bring food and drink, as well as items that will help you from the desert wind such as glasses, hats, or umbrellas. Don’t forget to also use sunscreen, because the scorching hot conditions during the day can be dangerous for your skin.

The author has a recommendation for a place for the first tips, get ready to include it on the list of tourist attractions that you want to visit, OK! Oetune beach desert, East Nusa Tenggara. This desert is close to the beach and has views of the golden undulating sand like the Sahara desert.

If you want to explore on foot, to get to the end of this desert you can walk by listening to the sound of the waves on the beach. This way, you will find it easier to explore even for the first time.

  • Take Pictures in the Best Spot

Some of us must be very happy to hunt down great places to take pictures, now desert can be an option. This is because the desert has an exotic image with steep golden brown contours. Apart from that, the desert also has an oasis with bluish waters sparkling in the sun.

The two things above are enough to attract tourists as an Instagrammablephoto spot. If you want a more fun travel experience, you can also bring a mat, food and drink supplies, and a light blanket. Besides being able to be used as photo properties, these objects can also be helpful for taking a break while chatting.

Take photos in the desert
One of the Instagrammable photo spots in the desert

The author’s recommendation to take pictures in the desert falls on the Telaga Biru desert, Riau. The dune, which was once a mining location, leaves a regular sand dune and a pretty blue puddle of water. I was so beautiful, Kemenparekraf even called this place a fairy tale style.

Remember not to drink carelessly in his pond, okay? The water puddles turned out to be ex-bauxite mining excavations and the water was the result of stagnant rainwater, so it is feared that bauxite content will still remain in the puddles. However, you can still take beautiful photos in the Sahara desert.

  • Sand Surfing

For those of you who like adrenaline-pumping activities, another way to enjoy travel in the desert is to do sand surfing or sandboarding. Sandboarding is a surfing activity using a special board on a sand dune. Sand dunes, which are hilly and steep, are indeed very challenging and suitable to be used as a slide arena.

With a large desert area, you become more flexible when trying out surfing activities. What’s more, if you fall it won’t make your body full of wounds so it can be said to be a little safer than on asphalt. However, for beginners, you have to be careful with the high sand dune, because when you slip it allows you to fall to the lower part and get buried in the sand.

You can find the desert that provides the means to play sandboarding at Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo, Yogyakarta. The name sand dune is more appropriate for this location because it is different from the desert, but the scenery is almost the same. The contours of the dunes are very suitable as a skating arena.

Usually, before skating there will be a guide who will accompany you and explain how to skate properly. You may also be advised to do sandboarding in the afternoon, so it’s not too hot and you can see a beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

  • Offroad and Horse Riding

There are other adrenaline-pumping activities that you can do while traveling in the desert, namely offroad and horse riding. Horse riding requires certain skills, especially if the desert is very steep. Meanwhile, off-road driving can usually be driven by an expert guide, so there’s no need to be afraid that the car will get tucked in the middle of a sand dune.

The vast desert will be very suitable for an offroador horse riding arena. When doing activities, you will be advised to bring a kind of scarf or slayer to cover your nose from dust. In addition, you can also bring glasses so that you don’t get hot sand while doing both.

Driving a jeep in Bromo
Jeep rental facilities to the whispering sand of Bromo

Have you ever heard of the Whispering Desert? This desert is located in Bromo Tengger Semeru, Central Java. Formed from a volcanic eruption, Pasir Berbisik has a soft and wide stretch of sand. Interestingly, there are facilities for tourists to rent horses that can be used to get around and enjoy every corner of the desert — or rather the desert — in Bromo.

Tourists will be supervised by an experienced guide so they don’t have to worry about unwanted things happening. For off-road facilities exploring the sand dunes, unfortunately, you can’t find it there, but you can still rent a jeep that will take you from the pick-up location to Pasir Berbisik. You can check more information about Jeep rental prices on the official website.

  • Go on an excursion

Another alternative way of traveling in the desert is to enjoy the desert itself. Have you ever heard a quote that says “the littlest thing in life is where we find real, true joy”? That’s the way you can do it when you decide to make the desert your vacation choice.

You can go on an excursion to enjoy the desert and focus on the smallest things that are in it, such as the dunes that stretch out wide, golden brown. Every now and then, if the time is right, you might encounter various animals that live in the desert as their natural habitat and are rarely found in everyday life, such as desert lizards.

On the other hand, you can also observe sparkling springs reflecting the sunlight and shadows of trees and sand dunes. Furthermore, you can see various types of plants that are not easily found and rare. You can do this one vacation tip in almost any desert you want, from the desert in the country to the one famous for its breadth abroad, namely the Sahara desert.

The author himself will suggest that you take a picnic in the desert that is in the country first, for example, in the Kersik Luway desert in West Kutai, East Kalimantan. This desert is unique because of its location which is surrounded by forests. This desert that seems hidden can be the right place if you don’t like crowds. During the trip through the path, you can take shelter in the trees while looking at various rare plants such as black orchids and pardu. Wow, the desert is unique, huh?

Those are 5 surefire tips that will make your tour in the desert more meaningful and less boring. By utilizing the facilities and making careful planning, you can still have a unique tour in the desert without having to go all the way to the Sahara Desert, the Gobi Desert, or Dubai. Interested in trying and visiting one of them? Don’t forget to prepare well!

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