Are you a resident of Bandung? Yup! You can take a short vacation just by staying the night at the hotel without having to leave the city because many hotels in Bandung are suitable for your staycation destination! Who would have thought that a short vacation to relieve fatigue could be realized only in the city? In fact, Bandung has many hotels that are suitable for your weekend staycation, you know!

Not only are they numerous, but hotels in Bandung also have a unique concept. The building design, color selection, and various concepts will definitely make you confused about choosing the right hotel for a staycation. Not only good and unique, but low prices are also an important aspect of determining which hotel suits you.

Don’t worry, you will spend too deep, traveladdictfriends! In the following, we will recommend 5 hotels in Bandung that are unique and inexpensive for a staycation with prices under IDR 500 thousand. Listen to the end, yes!

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1. Bobobox Pods Paskal, cheap capsule hotel with modern technology

Bobobox Pods Bandung (Source:

Bobobox Pods Bandung is a capsule hotel that has been equipped with modern technology, making it an attractive hotel choice for the tech-savvy. The technological sophistication offered by this capsule hotel will amaze you because the sensation of staying is felt different from hotels in Bandung in general. The technological sophistication offered by this capsule hotel will amaze you because the sensation of staying is felt different from hotels in Bandung in general. This hotel is perfect for those of you who want to find a new atmosphere to neutralize your mind.

room lights can be changed color according to your heart (Source: follow

The in-room facilities that you will get at Bobobox are quite unique and many. Apart from getting free air conditioning and Wi-fi, you can play your favorite songs using the Bluetooth speaker service in the room that can be connected to your smartphone. In addition, you can also change the color of the room lights according to your mood.

Bobobox also provides outdoor facilities, namely a shared bathroom, prayer room, pantry, and communal space. Don’t worry about leaving your room when you want to use the facilities outside the room because the security of this hotel is guaranteed. Bobobox uses the QR code facility so that the room door can only be opened with your smartphone.

Earth Pod and Sky Podat Bobobox Pods Paskal Bandung (Source:

In accordance with the concept, the room displayed by Bobobox resembles a capsule with two position options, namely Earth Pod and Sky Pod. For the Sky Pod room, you will get a room with a bed above. So, if you don’t want to bother having to climb stairs to reach the bed, choose the Earth Pod room to get the position of the lower bed.

So what are you waiting for? Come on, choose Bobobox Pods Bandung for a staycation on your weekend. Take it easy, Bobobox offers pocket-friendly prices, you know!

Address: Jl. Pasir Kaliki No.76A, Pasir Kaliki, Kec. Cicendo, City of Bandung, West Java 40171
Price: Starting from Rp. 166,000,– (prices can change at any time)

2. Yello Hotel Paskal Bandung, a hotel in Bandung that is suitable for millennials

5The Yello Hotel building is attached to Mall Paskal 23 (Source:

This hotel in Bandung is very popular among the people of Bandung. With its building that integrates with Mall Paskal 23, Yello Hotel Paskal Bandung has a fresh design with a touch of yellow that is energetic but not eye-catching. This is suitable for the choice of staycation hotels for millennials!

Lobby of Yello Hotel Paskal Bandung (Source:

Millennialsnuance is already felt in the lobby of Yello Hotel Paskal Bandung. The selection of various, detailed colors on the walls of this hotel with gravity art looks very expressive and cool. Equipped with modern-style sofas, this hotel is very instagramable even though it only arrived at the lobby.

Standard Room at Yello Hotel Paskal Bandung (Source:

The rooms available at Yello Hotel Paskal Bandung are of a few types. There are two types of rooms, namely Standard Room and Double or Twin room. Even so, this hotel is very comfortable to stay in because the room facilities are very complete and of course very cheap.

Swimming pool at Yello Hotel Paskal Bandung (Source:

Apart from room facilities, there are still various other facilities that make visitors feel at home staying here. There is an outdoor swimming pool which is divided into two, namely an adult pool and a children’s pool. So, it is very safe for your little one to swim.

Buffet at the Yello Hotel Paskal Bandung restaurant (Source:

After swimming, you will definitely be tired and hungry. For that, Yello Hotel provides a restaurant with a complete buffet. Of course, the feel of the restaurant in this hotel is very refreshing because of the interior colors here. The food is so varied that your energy will be replenished again.

Table soccer at Game ZoneYello Hotel Paskal Bandung

Another facility at the next Yello Hotel is the Game Zone. In this area, there is a tablet equipped with online games and an X-Box console. In addition, there is also a table soccer game to be played by 2 people. Wow, your leisure activities will be even more quality by playing in the Game Zone which is located at the front office of the Yello Hotel.

So, you don’t need to go anywhere and just feel at home in the hotel, readers. Come on, a staycationat the Yello Hotel!

Address: Paskal Hyper Square, Jl. Pasir Kaliki No.25, Kb. Oranges, Kec. Andir, City of Bandung, West Java 40181
Price: Starting from Rp. 291,000, – (prices can change at any time)

3. Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast, an adorable homey hotel


Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast is a hotel in Bandung which is arguably a hidden gem. Not located on the main road, this hotel is very quiet and cozy so it is suitable for those of you who want to calm down from all the busyness of the weekday. The design, which carries the European theme, is so cute that it makes visitors amazed and feels at home because of its homey nuance.

One of the rooms at Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast is homey (Source:

Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast only has 9 rooms. However, although a few of these rooms have different designs. There are rooms with types of Cocoa Tree, Chamomile, Cranberry, Mulberry Tree, Oak Tree, Olive Tree, Popple Tree, Rosemary, andWalnut Tree. Wow, hearing the names of the room types is true that this hotel is so cute!

Café Cantik Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast (Source:

Another facility that will make you feel at home staying at this hotel is the presence of a very attractive café as a photo spot. The wooden nuances of the chairs and tables and decorated with green bonsai make you want to linger here. Plus the provision of books and magazines so that it adds to the enjoyment of your beautiful coffee in the morning.

Interested? Come on, stay at Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast. Guaranteed you will be addicted to visiting this hotel in the next staycation!

Address: Jl. Mustang No.1A, Sukawarna, Kec. Sukajadi, Bandung City, West Java 40164
Price: Starting from Rp 315,000, – (price can change at any time)

4. Kollektiv Hotel, an industrial-style hotel in Bandung

Kollectiv Hotel in Bandung with industrial style (Source:

Kollectiv Hotelwas built with content material that is redesigned in such a way. Therefore, this hotel in Bandung is very thick with its industrial style when viewed from its facade and surrounding interior. Wow, a very interesting hotel choice for your staycation!

The industrial style in this hotel is very strongly seen in the corridors and public places inside the hotel. There is also a touch of green from the plants there so that it gives a shady and cool impression that makes you feel more at home. The combination of green plants and the walls of the brown painted container is very harmonious and gives a beautiful impression.

Hotels in Bandung which are Unique and Cheap for Staycation
Kollectiv Hotel’s Superior Type Room in Bandung (Source:

This hotel has 39 rooms with 2 types, namely Superior and Deluxe. In the Superior type room, there are 2 single beds, a working space, a wardrobe, TV, sofa, and a comfortable bathroom. The facilities in the Deluxe type room are almost the same, it’s just that this type of room is provided with 1 queen bed.

Hara Cafe & Resto (Source:

Kollektiv Hotel is a hotel whose building is attached to a restaurant called Hara. So, the location of this hotel is on the 2nd to 4th floor. This Hara restaurant is quite crowded with visitors because it is the main facility of this hotel which is no less thick with its industrial style.

Interesting right? Immediately book a room at the Kollective Hotel for your unusual staycation experience! Guaranteed not to drain your wallet, really.

Address: Jalan Professor Insinyur Jl. Prof. Dr. Sutami No. 62, Sukarasa, Kec. Sukasari, City of Bandung, West Java 40152
Price: Starting from Rp. 321,000, – (prices can change at any time)

5. Tama Boutique Hotel, a hotel in Bandung with a Korean taste


This hotel in Bandung is the most targeted by Bandung residents, here. Why? Because if you stay at the Tama Boutiqe Hotel you will feel like in the land of ginseng, South Korea. Enough in the city, it turns out that you can experience a vacation abroad!

Tama Boutique Hotel is arguably a luxury hotel. With a Korean style touch on the exterior and interior, this hotel often deceives many people. Even though you only order a hotel room in Bandung, people will think you are on vacation in Korea.

Tama Boutique Room in Bandung with Korean style (Source:

How come? The room design provided at Tama Boutique Hotel features Korean-style rooms with wooden element interiors, wooden motif floors, and Korean-style wall wallpapers combined with wooden bars. No wonder many people are fooled if the room design turns out like this.

Korean a la carte breakfast at BORNGA Tama Boutique Hotel (Source:

Not only the design, but Tama Boutique Hotel also provides an a la carte breakfast with Korean menus too, you know! There is a Korean restaurant called BORNGA, which is on the 1st floor of this hotel. You can also order additional food at BORNGA by using a 10% discount voucher from the Front Desk of Tama Boutique Hotel, you know!

No need to be confused anymore to choose a hotel in Bandung, traveladdict friend. Immediately book a room at the Tama Boutique Hotel! Take it easy, for the problem of price, many hotel room booking applications provide discount vouchers at attractive discounts if you book a room at this hotel. So, don’t be afraid that your pocket will dry out suddenly, huh!

Address: Jl. Dr. Rajiman No.5, Pasir Kaliki, Kec. Cicendo, City of Bandung, West Java 40171
Price: Starting from Rp. 407,000,– (prices can change at any time)

Well, that’s 5 hotels in Bandung that are unique and cheap for a staycation with a price of just under IDR 500 thousand. You are no longer confused about choosing hotels in Bandung for a staycation, right? So, hurry up and book the hotel room of your choice for this weekend!