Go to the market to buy,

Until the house let’s play chess.

If ladies and gentlemen go to Bali,

Don’t forget to stop by Lake Batur.

Who doesn’t know the island of Bali? One of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia has a million beauties and stories in it. Several places have become mandatory destinations and are the target of tourists who want to vacation there, one of which is Lake Batur.

Lake Batur offers its visitors its own charm, activities and stories. Arriving there, the traveler addict will be presented with various things that will certainly make them feel more at home and love to leave Bali. But, before you decide to vacation there, let’s look at some interesting facts about this enchanting lake.

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1. The charm of Lake Batur

Differences in Lake Batur Water Color due to Active Caldera at the bottom of the lake.
Lake Batur and Caldera which make the water color

Danau Batur menyimpan sejuta keindahan yang dapat dinikmati para wisatawan yang mengunjunginya. Visitors can do many exciting activities with several lake facilities, and also enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Batur which has been recognized internationally, at the same level as UNESCO.

It is said that this lake was formed due to the eruption of Mount Batur, this caused an active caldera at the bottom of the lake. This caldera is unique to this lake. Visitors can enjoy the color of the water which sometimes changes, caused by the caldera at the bottom of Lake Batur.

2. Lake Batur, the Largest Lake in Bali

The Largest Lake on the Island of Bali

Besides being known for its beauty, Lake Batur, which has an area of ​​approximately 16 square kilometers, is the largest lake on the island of Bali. Located at the bottom of Mount Batur which has a million, this lake has the largest area compared to other lakes in Bali, making it has its own charm to explore.

3. Location and Lake Batur Entrance Price

For tourists who want to visit Lake Batur, they can use various methods and available transportation. The largest lake in Bali is located in North Panelokan Village, Kintamani, to be precise in Bangli Regency, which is approximately 1.5 hours-2 hours from Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport. The lake is open every day, from 8 am to 6 pm Central Indonesian Time.

Furthermore, to enter this tourism destination, tourists only need to pay for parking tickets and entrance tickets which are quite affordable. The following is a list of costs that visitors need to pay.

DetailsCost incurred
Parking TicketIDR 5,000-10,000 / vehicle
Entrance ticketIDR 15,000 / person
Car rentalIDR 500,000 / day
Motorbike RentalIDR 50.000/ day
Boat RentalsIDR 500,000 / Maximum capacity 10 people
Lake Batur Entrance Ticket Prices

4. Lake Batur Exciting Activities

Besides its natural beauty which is known to be very enchanting, travel addicts can also do various things here, you know! This tourist destination offers several interesting activities that must be included in the activity bucket list while on vacation there.

There are several Citizen Ships that can be rented for IDR 500,000 per 10 people to get around Lake Batur.
Citizen ships that can be rented to get around Lake Batur

Traveling by boat is a prima donna activity that is often the desire of visitors who come to the lake. By renting a boat belonging to local residents, visitors can go around and enjoy the beauty of Lake Batur. You can get a new experience using a boat around the lake that can be rented at a price of approximately 50,000 per person, affordable isn’t it?

Sunrise views that can be enjoyed from Lake Batur at half six o'clock
The charm of Sunrise that visitors can enjoy

Do you know? It has an abundant charm of beauty, making this place a favorite spot to watch the sunrise or sunrise in Bali. At half-past six in the morning, the combination of Mount and Lake Batur presents a beautiful view of the awakening of the Sun, making all the eyes that look at him stunned.

Floating Restaurant in Batur area

After sightseeing and doing activities on the lake, culinary tours are the right answer for the next activity. The cool atmosphere of Lake Batur will definitely make the food more interesting. Around the lake, there are many interesting restaurants or culinary places that can be visited to enjoy Kintamani specialties, accompanied by beautiful views of this place. Now a travel addict, one of the famous restaurants there is Kintamani Floating Restaurant, there you can enjoy seafood which is the main menu.

Those are some things you can do when you visit Lake Batur. Remember, it’s just ‘some’! Of course, there are still many things you can do there, such as exploring facilities and other tourist objects, Mount Batur, UNESCO Earth Park, hot springs, and many more.

5. ‘Kebo Iwa’ in Lake Batur

Kebo Iwa is the legend behind the lake Batur
The statue of ‘Kebo Iwa’ behind the origin of the lake

“Kebo Iwa” is a story that became the legend of the formation of this lake. It begins with the story of a husband and wife living in the area, they have been married for a long time but have never had children. One time, God answered their prayer. The wife eventually gave birth to a son, but he had a very large appetite. Never feeling full, the child continues to eat what is around him. Because of this he has a large body shape and is nicknamed Kebo Iwa. Apart from having a big appetite, he also has a temper tantrum, making the local people restless.

Finally, the residents promised to provide him with food, as long as Kebo Iwa could find a source of water for his village. Feeling excited, Kebo Iwa kept digging and digging, exhausting him and falling asleep in his dug hole. Residents who did not know the existence of Kebo Iwa there finally continued to throw limestone to facilitate the water source there. The water continued to flow and filled the hole, while Kebo Iwa who was trapped in it had to drown. The large hole that was dug by Kebo Iwa eventually became a source of water for the local community and was named Lake Batur.

6. Lake Batur Traditional Ceremony

One of the traditions carried out by residents around the lake

Apart from being a tourist destination, Lake Batur is also one of the sacred or sanctified places in Bali. This lake is the place for various traditional ceremonies of the local community, such as the Ngusaba Kedasa Ceremony of Ulun Danu Batur Temple, Mebrani Ceremony, and many more. Traditional ceremonies are often carried out by the local community or customary community to memarisudha or purify the lake again.

For tourists who like the cultural elements of a place, traditional ceremonies or traditions of the local community will certainly be a special charm. Witnessing firsthand the traditions of the local community is a pleasure in itself in exploring the cultural diversity of the Indonesian people.

So, those are 6 facts that you should know about this one of the tourist destinations in Bali. So, if you go to Bali, don’t forget to add Lake Batur to the list of places that you must visit, it’s a shame to miss it!

How about a travel addict, are you interested in coming and enjoying the charm of this lake yourself? Of course, there are still many interesting facts about Lake Batur or other tourist destinations, you can check it yourself on the official website of the Bangli City Government or Kintamani.

Have a Nice Holiday, travel addict!