Holidays during a pandemic like this have limited space to move, this is done to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Economic activities, education, and tourism are affected by this restriction policy. Teaching and learning activities that are usually carried out in schools are now carried out in their respective homes online, as well as some workers who work from home and some even get terminated, thus affecting the economic sector, one of which is in the tourism sector. Many tourist objects are closed while some are open only a percentage of the total number of visitors, so not all can experience the full vacation. Then how do you continue to feel the sensation of a vacation to get rid of boredom even at home? Here we recommend 5M, holiday replacement activities that can be done at home:

Agrotourism holidays in the home garden

For those of you who like nature, especially flora, maybe you have to be patient first not to visit your favorite vacation spots such as fruit gardens, flower gardens, or anything about plants. Now you can do it at home, like making a vertical garden, growing fruits and vegetables. Not only does it make the house beautiful and lush with cool green leaves and colors of flowers or fruits, but the added value is also that you can harvest crops for your daily needs.

Holidays with an animal theme

Apart from those who are interested in the field of flora, those of you who have an interest in the fauna section can actually keep their hobbies even at home, especially the cultivation of livestock, such as ornamental fish. Eliminate boredom by seeing breeding livestock, it turns out that this activity can make money by turning it into a side business, turning it into an agent, and distributing it to animal stalls. Quite profitable, right?

Fill in vacation time by playing

Tired of work that takes hours or tired after listening to material from the teacher or lecturer? Let’s stop for a moment and divert our minds by playing, one of which is playing video games. Playing offline games such as LUDO, monopoly or other games with the closest family can restore our concentration before returning to activities again. Besides that, you can play online games that are trending with friends, you know, not only fun, you can also earn by creating content and broadcasting or uploading it to social media.

Besides playing video games and if you have pets at home, don’t forget to play with them, give them their favorite toys or take them out around the park while hunting. Don’t forget to also provide them with food, drinks, and vitamins so that their health is maintained.

Don’t take communication off

In a situation like this, obligations such as work are limited or desire such as vacations are also limited, it does not mean that they are limited until communication breaks. Indeed, at this time physically we cannot meet with relatives or relatives in person or for a long time like before the pandemic. Use the best possible internet network by using telephone and video services, we can keep in touch.

Don’t take the day off to move

Since he implemented work and study at home, he has had a lot of free time, now the time is no longer wasted in city congestion. The time at the beginning or at the end of the day can be used for exercise. Lately, cycling is a trend, by cycling, we can get around places we’ve never been to, reduce the use of fossil fuels and of course help the environment stay clean from air pollution.

At the time of writing, several tourist attractions have started to open as usual but with a certain capacity, not more than 75% of the total number of visitors or the maximum capacity. This is not for some reason. This is a form of collaboration between the government and business owners and the community to revive the economy and reduce the number of transmission of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. As a society, we must have the awareness to protect ourselves and others by not having a vacation if you are sick or applying 3M, namely washing hands with soap in running water, maintaining distance in public places and away from crowds, and wearing personal protective equipment such as masks or faces. shield.

With the self-awareness of each individual, the orderliness of the tourism business owners in obeying the regulations that have been made by the government, we can slowly go through this pandemic and return to normal life as usual.

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