Do you know what chuseok is?

Chuseok is a day to celebrate the harvest season in Korea. This is a characteristic of Korean holidays. Chuseok Day is also a national holiday in Korea. Chuseok celebrations in Korea are usually held for 3 days on the 8th month and the 15th day on the lunar calendar.

This chuseok day can also be said to be a Korean popular day, you know.

How can you call it that? Because there are several things that make Chuseok like a holiday in general.

Well, let’s see how chuseok celebrations are in Korea.

1. Family Gathering

This Chuseok moment is usually spent with family gatherings. With this Chuseok holiday, Korean people will usually go on vacation or return to their hometowns to gather with their families to celebrate this Chuseok. Like other holidays, right?

This is one of the things that Chuseok is said to be a Korean holiday.

2. Wearing Hanbok

On certain holidays there are usually characteristics when commemorating it. For example, like the typical Chinese New Year with red-nuanced Chinese clothes, so is this Chuseok. There are also some people who commemorate Chuseok in Korea when they use Hanbok.

What is Hanbok?

Hanbok is Korean traditional clothing

Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress. There are some Korean people who commemorate this Chuseok by wearing hanbok clothes. For example, there are several Korean artists or idols who wear this hanbok when commemorating Chuseok celebrations.

3. Typical Chuseok Food

Of course, there are special foods that are served on this holiday. That also applies to Chuseok celebrations.

Certainly, in this Chuseok celebration, various kinds of food are presented to commemorate it. There are special foods served at chuseok celebrations in Korea, one of which is Songpyeon.

Songpyeon is one of the specialties during chuseok celebrations

Songpyeon is special food for Chuseok celebrations. Songpyeon is a type of tteok or rice cake where the texture of this type of food is usually chewy. But what is different is the shape. The shape of this Songpyeon is in the form of a half-moon or you could say it resembles the shape of a crescent moon. The contents of this Songpyeon cake are usually in the form of nuts, it can be red or sesame beans, honey, jam, and various other variations. This Songpyeon cake also has a distinctive aroma because it is steamed using pine leaves.

Chewy texture with various fillings like red beans and has a distinctive aroma … Wow, can you imagine how it feels? Surely delicious, right?

4. Typical games or entertainment during Chuseok

At Chuseok celebrations in Korea, there are usually games or entertainment typical of the Chuseok commemoration. One of them is Ganggangsullae. Ganggangsullae is a typical Korean dance that is usually danced by women where they hold each other and form a circle. The dancers also wear hanbok.

Then besides Ganggangsullae, there is also Ssireum. Ssireum is Korean wrestling. Ssireum is also one of the oldest sports in Korea. Indeed, this Ssireum is usually held on certain holidays or commemorations. Like one of them at the Chuseok celebration. Usually, the winners from Ssireum will get prizes in the form of crops or in the form of cows.