The end of the year is often synonymous with the term ‘holiday’. At that time, offices and schools were closed, so it was perfect as a time to hang out with people you care about.

Of course, before going on vacation, you have to prepare several things so that the vacation runs smoothly. Here are some things that need to be prepared before you go on vacation:

1. Vacation Budget

Before preparing a vacation agenda, you should estimate the costs that will be incurred. Once you have determined your destination, you can estimate the cost based on experience or do some research on the internet. Then, you can save to meet the expenses needed during the holidays.

You can do your own savings at home or at the bank. Both of these options certainly have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before deciding where to save, it would be nice if you do your research first.

2. Determine Schedule and Vacation Preparation

The important thing that needs to be prepared after the money is to determine the schedule or vacation date in advance, to avoid the schedule collision with other events. After that, immediately prepare a ticket to go and go home. preparing tickets in advance has its own advantages, namely you can consider the right and cheap price, so you don’t spend too much money and try to buy tickets for weekdays. If driving a private vehicle, check the vehicle so that there are no obstacles while on the way.

3. Determine Lodging and Tourist Destinations

Prepare lodging according to costs. It would be nice to prepare first what tourist destinations you want to visit, look for good tourist object references to visit, and prepare an array of activities on vacation, this will make it easier and faster for you to prepare lodging near tourist attractions.

4. Prepare your carry-on items

The next important thing is to prepare the luggage, packing the goods far from the date of departure. Prepare any items that need to be taken when going on vacation. Arrange the items according to what is needed, if needed the last put at the bottom, and put the important items on the top.

“The preparations, of course, where you want to go on vacationlocations and whoever you need, such as clothes, medicines, and other accessories,” said Debora Fynda, a student at Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University (UAJY).

5. Prepare for Health

After preparing the 5 things above, don’t forget to maintain and prepare your body health, because the holidays will not go smoothly if your body is not healthy. Bring medicines that you often take to maintain your health, sometimes the personal medicines you need are not sold at pharmacies.

After knowing some tips that must be prepared before going on vacation. Surely your vacation will go well and very enjoyable. Have a good vacation!