Batu Tourism City Square

Have you scheduled your vacation? If not, Kota Wisata Batu has many tourist destinations that can be visited. There are natural attractions such as Cangar and Rondo, and various types of tourist attractions such as square, apple picking tours in agro-tourism and many more. However, it is not complete if you go to Batu city, without visiting the tourism destinations belonging to the Jawa Timur Park Group. Having many types of unique rides, JaTim Park Group offers a different experience and atmosphere in each place.

If you plan to visit Batu City, don’t forget that at least you need around 3-4 days to be able to enjoy several famous tourist destinations that are members of the Jawa Timur Park Group. Here we will recommend a 3-day tour together Jawa Timur Park Group.

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Day One – East Java Park I

Tampak Jawa Timur Park I illustrates interactive and educational tourist destinations.
Jawa Timur Park I, Park for Learning and Recreation Tourism

Learning and Recreation in East Java Park I

Where do you want on the first day? We highly recommend Jawa Timur Park I as your first destination. Offering interactive and fun tourist spots, Jawa Timur Park I, or familiarly called Jatim Park I is the first destination managed by the Jatim Park Group. With the theme “Learning and Recreation Park”, this place presents many rides that are a pity to miss.

To get educational tours, visitors can stop by several places that have been provided such as interactive laboratories, to learn things related to Natural Science, and there are several places that provide learning about existing histories and also Indonesian culture itself. But besides that, Jatim park I also offer several extreme rides that visitors can try, such as the 360 ​​° Pendulum, Sky Ride, Flying Tornado, Volcano Coaster, and many more.

The front view of the museum is Bagong, illustrating the shape of the human body.
Learning Human Anatomy at The Bagong Adventure-Body Museum

Entering Human Anatomy at The Bagong AdventureJawa Timur Park I

Located in the same area as Jawa Timur Park I, The Bagong Adventure – Body Museum can be a tourist destination that must be visited on the first day. The Bagong Museum is the first body museum in Indonesia and the largest in Asia. Not only that, having a building shape that adopts the shape of the relief of the body of Bagong, one of the puppet figures in Indonesia, makes this museum very unique and interesting.

At first, visitors will enter through a door that is shaped like a Bagong’s mouth, then they can enjoy educational tours about the anatomy of the human body, such as ears, nose, eyes, teeth, and so on. In addition, visitors can try several health checks, such as eye examinations, cholesterol checks, osteoporosis, blood sugar, body fat, and uric acid, all of which are free at this museum.

Day Two – East Java Park II

Front View of Batu Secret Zoo, illustrates interactive and educational tourist destinations by presenting the theme of animals.
Modern Zoo – Batu Secret Zoo

Visit the Modern Batu Secret Zoo – Jawa Timur Park II

Are you an animal lover who needs interactive entertainment? Don’t worry, Batu Secret Zoo offers the best solution to get rid of your boredom. Being one of the favorite destinations in Batu city, Batu Secret Zoo offers a variety of zoo experiences, with a unique concept.

Presenting various types of animals that occupy an artificial place that is shaped according to their natural habitat, Batu Secret Zoo groups them into several interesting themes for visitors. There is a Savannah which is a habitat for animals that are used to living in arid environments, such as Africa. Furthermore, there is Tiger Land which displays various types of lions and tigers, here visitors can feed the animals there with a fishing rod. Furthermore, there is Fantasy Land, where visitors can enjoy some of the fun and extreme rides that are there. In addition, there are still many areas that can be visited, and of course, visitors will get different experiences in each place.

Front View of the Animal Museum, illustrating interactive and educational tourist destinations by presenting the theme of animals.
Seeing Diverse Animal Dioramas at the Animal Museum

Enjoying Various Animal Dioramas at the Animal Museum – Jawa Timur Park II

Joined in the same area as Batu Secret Zoo in Jawa Timur Park II, Museum Satwa has a similar concept to Batu Secret Zoo.

Presenting various types of animal dioramas from time to time, this museum offers a very interesting concept and experience. Visitors can enjoy various types of replicas, fossils, and also preserved animals, such as prehistoric fossils, polar bears, various types of insects, birds, and many more. Dont worry! Museum Satwa dedicates itself as a Wildlife Ex-Situ Conservation Institute so that they can ensure that the animals that are there are not the result of illegal hunting or other illegal acts. Then, visitors can also capture their photos here, considering that the place is very instagramable.

Day Three – East Java Park III

The 5 Zaman rides, showing the historical Dino Park theme.
Enjoy 5 Dinosaur Ages at Dino Park

Reminisce with the pre-history period at Dino Park – Jawa Timur Park III

There is no need to create a time machine to re-experience pre-historic times, by visiting Dino Park in Batu City visitors will be given an interesting adventure from the time the dinosaurs existed.

As the name implies, Dino Park carries the theme of prehistoric dinosaur experiences, with the support of very sophisticated facilities and technology. Just like Jawa Timur Park II, animal replicas here have been categorized into several parts, making it easier for visitors to understand the types of ancient animals that exist.

In addition to educational facilities, Dino Park also has several interesting rides such as the Dino Museum which presents dinosaur dioramas from time to time, Explore 5 eras where visitors can enjoy 5 divisions of the dinosaur era with a large train, Ice Age as a replica of the time when the earth hit by extreme temperatures, and much more. In addition, visitors can also enjoy attractions that are no less interesting at certain times, such as Dino Attack, Meet With Flinstone Family, How To Train Your Dino and various other interesting performances.

Tom Cruise's wax figure on one of the rides at Legend of Stars Park
Take photos with ‘Hollywood Artists’ at The Legend Stars Park

Meet the World Stars at The Legend Stars Park

If London has ‘Madame Tussauds’, Indonesia has The Legend Stars Park in East Java Park III. Being one of the main tourism destinations in the Jatim Park III area, The Legend Stars Park presents the experience of traveling the world as well as meeting stars from various countries. Here, visitors can meet and take pictures with hundreds of wax figures from famous artists or figures in the world. In addition, this Tourist Park also presents replicas of famous places such as the State Palace, Japan, Hollywood, the British Empire, and many more. The Legend Stars Park is a tourist spot suitable for all generations and can provide them with a special experience that will not be forgotten.

That’s the recommendation for 3 days of vacation to tourist destinations belonging to the Jawa Timur Park Group. Interested? Come on, schedule your vacation to Kota Wisata Batu, don’t forget to check the official website of Kota Wisata Batu and also the Jawa Timur Park Group for more information about their tourism destinations. Have a Good Holiday!