Kuwung festival
Cultural Festival

The Kuwung festival is synonymous with Banyuwangi district. Besides that if btalking about Banyuwangi itself is one of the districts in East Java which is quite attractive to tourists because it has quite complete tourist destinations, such as the sea, mountains, beaches, and forests. In addition, it is known as the sunrise of java because Banyuwangi is the first district to feel the warmth of the sun on the island of Java.

What is a kuwung festival?

In addition to its amazing natural potential, Banyuwangi has tourism potential that is no less great, one of which is the tight schedule of festivals such as holding traditional festivals, music, sports, and others in one year, totaling approximately up to a hundred events a year. Nothing wrong with Banyuwangi was given the title as a city of festivals. One of the events that attract tourists is the Kuwung festival.

The first and oldest cultural festival in Banyuwangi not only displays various kinds of culture and arts which not only come from Banyuwangi but also from neighboring islands such as Gianyar regency, Bali to Kalimantan. In addition, local residents and tourists are also entertained by the parade of cars with colorful lights that spoil the eyes.

The diversity of arts and colorful performances is like a rainbow that lights up the city. And do you know the meaning of this word kuwung? Kuwung itself is taken from the language of the original Banyuwangi tribe, namely the Osing tribe which means rainbow, so There is no mistaking the parade centered on the front page of the Banyuwangi regency government office illuminating and decorating along the regency road until it ends at Blambangan Park with a total route of about 3 km.

2019 Kuwung Festival

As a routine event that is held every year in December as a celebration of the birthday of Banyuwangi district, last year, to be precise in 2019 the Kuwung festival took the theme “Gemelare Bumi Blambangan” which means the glorious earth of Blambangan.

This time there are two major themes divided where each theme presents a show that illustrates the superiority of its region. The first presents the legend of Gontang Gelintang, which is about the origin of Gintangan Village and the second shows the origin of Berengos Perada Bara in Rajeg Wesi and many more such as the mongo ketigo culture, and a sketch of the ki wongsokaryo storytelling.

As an illustration of the reader, the legend of the gontang gelintang tells of land clearing in the forest which is intended to create a place to live, but in the process, there is a problem, namely that invisible creatures who live in the forest do not accept that their houses are simply destroyed without any reciprocity.

Therefore, an agreement was agreed where the astral watchmen would leave their homes on the condition that humans had to replace the felled trees in the forest by planting Gontang trees on the banks of the river, which is now known as Gintangan.

It is quite interesting not to mention the gontang gelintang storyline brought by the artists in this Kuwung festival and of course there are still many other amazing cultural arts that must be witnessed because they contain many elements of life values ​​that can be learned.

Apart from the philosophy of life, there is also an agro-tourism theme called Semriwing Kembang Kopi which is shown to boast of the rich potential of natural resources in the form of abundant coffee plants in this district, given the many coffee variants in Banyuwangi that readers must taste while visiting.

Maybe only two of the many performances that can be shared this time, the rest can be seen in person at the location and feel firsthand the atmosphere of a local festival that is not inferior to an international festival.

Purpose and meaning of the Kuwung festival

This folk culture festival aims to preserve and develop regional culture so that it is not lost and replaced by the times. This has been seen with the active role of the younger generation who are members of the Banyuwangi youth network or abbreviated as finger names who participate in this festival by showing their dance skills.

In an era that is quite developed today, where foreign cultures can easily enter the archipelago, the younger generation must play a role so that Indonesian culture is not replaced by foreign cultures. Apart from being directly involved in developing a culture, Indonesian youth and girls can also be active indirectly by helping to promote local culture to the public. In this way, the reader helps the preservation of Indonesian culture.

If you are interested in visiting and knowing more about the Banyuwangi district, you can visit the official website athttps://www.banyuwangikab.go.id/.

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