Yellow rice
Yellow Rice (Source: Wikipedia)

Yellow rice can be easily found in various places in Indonesia, from roadside food stalls to famous restaurants. However, behind that, the rice that is usually eaten at breakfast turns out to have a very deep meaning and meaning.

Yellow rice is made with various Indonesian spices, such as turmeric, ginger, galangal, shallots, bay leaves, and lemongrass. Some even add pandan leaves and lime leaves to make yellow rice. The combination of all these spices makes this typical Indonesian food tasty and fragrant. Tempe orek, egg Balado, vermicelli, and fried onions are complementary side dishes that are usually served with yellow rice. Makes anyone who tastes it addicted.

Meaning of Yellow Rice

Besides being delicious, it turns out that this yellow rice has a very extraordinary meaning. This color symbolizes gold which is closely related to wealth. Therefore, food originating from Java is usually served in various important celebrations, such as births, birthdays, thanksgiving, weddings, and so on. In the event, this rice is usually shaped into a tumpeng so that it resembles a golden mountain. This tumpeng has a deeper meaning, namely the hope of prosperity and the blessing of life with abundant wealth.

In addition to hope, this tumpeng-shaped rice can also mean an expression of gratitude for the prosperity and blessings that have been obtained, such as in the celebration of earth alms. At the celebration, the community expressed their gratitude to God for all the produce of the land that had been bestowed. The produce of the land is expected to bring blessings to the people who consume it. In addition, the conical shape of the tumpeng also symbolizes the vertical relationship between humans and their creators.

In Bali, yellow rice has a more sacred meaning because yellow is an important color in the beliefs of the Balinese Hindu community. Yellow is associated with the god Mahadeva who controls the West in the concept of the Gods Nawa Sanga. Therefore, this rice is usually served in the Kuningan Ceremony in Bali.