Temple gate on the island of Bali
The typical gate on the island of Bali

As an island that is blessed with abundant natural wealth in the form of the sea, the island of Bali is really suitable as a tourist destination, right, traveladdict friends? Especially in times like now where many of us are required to be at home, the desire to have a vacation to the beach in Bali just seems to be getting worse. For those of you who live close to Bali, you can just stop by and have a vacation. As for people who live far from Bali, one of the quick ways to get there for a vacation is via air transportation which is free of traffic and congestion.

But make no mistake! If you are not pressed for time, we can still travel to the island of Bali in various ways, for example by land that is relaxed, more economical, and has its own adventure sensation. Don’t have or don’t want to use a private vehicle? Relax, various transportation options via land are available for you. Let’s stay tuned so that your trip to Bali can still be realized!

Vacation to Bali Island without plane and minimal transportation budget

Vacationing to the beach and relaxing your mind for a moment on the island of Bali has become the dream of many people in the midst of a pandemic. However, some people feel quite difficult when they have to visit this island which is famous for its tourism sector. The reason is, for just a short vacation at tough times like now, airplane ticket prices can soar, especially when the holidays arrive. Can you imagine how much you want to take a vacation with a minimal budget but have to suppress other funds just to buy plane tickets?

The good news is, you can still vacation in Bali with a minimal budget, namely by land. Even though you don’t have private vehicles such as motorbikes and cars, you can still outsmart it by taking advantage of public transportation modes such as trains and buses. These two modes of transportation can help you arrive in Bali with a budget of less than 400 thousand. When compared to airline tickets that range from 500 thousand to millions, obviously this option is more economical, right? In addition, using transportation via land to the island of Bali also has its own sensation, you know! For those of you who like to explore and challenge, you should really try alternative transportation to the island of Bali via land route.

The gateway to the island of Bali via land and sea routes

To get to Bali by land and then by sea, the main thing you have to make sure is that you really understand the route. The point is that during the trip you can lead yourself to reach your destination smoothly, and of course, it will save you from brokers who offer fees many times higher than reasonable prices. You can take this gateway to Bali through the Ketapang Harbor in Banyuwangi.

Ketapang Port, Ketapang fort, Banyuwangi
Busy transportation via sea at Ketapang Port

The location of Bali Island, which is flanked by the islands of Java and the Sundanese sea, is truly quite a challenge for anyone who wants to visit without using a plane. Therefore, for the land route to continue by sea, you must first know which gate you want to make when you go to Bali. Until now, there are two gates to Bali which have been targeted by many tourists, namely:

1. To Bali Island via Gilimanuk Harbor

Gilimanuk Port is the main choice which is usually used as a destination for tourists going to Bali by land and then crossing by ferry. This port is located in the Jembrana district which has entered the western part of Bali.

2. To Bali Island via Padang Bai Harbor

Padang Bai Harbor is located in Karangasem district, East Bali. This port is the next choice that not only takes tourists crossing to Bali, but also becomes the gate to the Sheet port in Lombok.

The two ports above are under PT Angkutan Sungai, Danau, and Penyeberangan Indonesia Ferry (Persero). Through the official website, you can find information about travel packages and also very complete promo prices.

Using the train to the island of Bali

Train to Ketapang, Banyuwangi
Train as an alternative transportation to Bali

Visiting the island of Bali for a vacation can be reached by land transportation, namely trains. For this first information, the author will provide directions for those of you who will depart from Jakarta, or two big cities in Java, namely Surabaya and Yogyakarta with the final destination of Banyuwangi. If you come from another city, you can immediately check the departure of the same train from your city here.

For departures from DKI Jakarta, the first choice is that you can use the Surabaya Gubeng train, namely Jayakarta Train. For example, if you are leaving on November 27, the rate charged is IDR 190,000. After that, continue the journey by KA Probowangi from Surabaya Gubeng to Ketapang Banyuwangi with a ticket for IDR 56,000.00.

Kemudian pilihan kedua di tanggal yang sama adalah dengan KA Bengawan dari DKI Jakarta ke Lempuyangan Yogyakarta dengan tarif hanya Rp74.000,00. Arriving at Lempuyangan Station, continue by train. Sri Tanjung, the final destination of Ketapang, costs IDR 94,000.00. If you prepare carefully and order train tickets in advance, chances are you will get a cheaper promo price, and automatically the budget you spend will be more economical.

Arriving at Ketapang Station, you can continue your journey to Ketapang Port, which is about 10-20 minutes’ walk to cross by ferry to Gilimanuk Port, Bali. Another option is to use a bus that will cross from Ketapang Port to Bali at a cost of around 40-50 thousand rupiah. Take it easy, you can find these buses easily in the harbor.

Now from the bus stop at Mengwi or Ubung Terminal, you have arrived on the island of Bali and can explore the area you want to visit yourself. If calculated, your trip by train followed by ferry and bus only ranges from 300-400 thousand. If you need lodging near the station to wait for the train schedule, you can also book affordable accommodation through various applications.

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Using the bus to the island of Bali

You can do other alternative transportation for a vacation to the island of Bali by using a bus. With a departure point from Jakarta, you can choose the following buses:

Bus NameCapacityRates
Safari Dharma Raya28 SeatsRp485.000,00
Tiara Mas4 SeatsRp450.000,00
Kramat Djati Jakarta25 SeatsRp550.000,00
Lorena16 SeatsRp510.000,00
Several buses on the Jakarta – Bali route

You can find the full schedule for buses from Jakarta with the final destination of Bali. You can also choose and customize the right bus with your itinerary to get to Bali.

Safe Tips when on a Trip to Bali Island

Here are some tips from the author so that your trip to Bali is safe, remember it carefully!

  1. Make sure you are in good health and ready because this condition will really help you to survive a long journey.
  2. Order train tickets from weeks before departure to get promo prices and help reduce your vacation budget.
  3. Prepare e-money and make sure the balance is sufficient to make it easier for you to transact.
  4. Bring light food and drink so you don’t have to always buy it on the go when you feel hungry. The extra budget can be used to buy souvenirs, you know!
  5. Bring a new rapid test certificate in your city because Bali has strict rules for tourists from outside the region during the pandemic.
  6. Be smart to ask people who know very well about the information you need, for example for bus info to Bali at the port you can ask the ferry guards because they will provide information that might really help you when you’re confused.
  7. Get on the bus that is full. This method will allow you not to wait for the bus to leave, so the time on the trip can be shorter.

That is the summary of transportation to Bali without a plane that you can try, traveladdict friends. It’s easy, right? The more mature the plan you make, the opportunity to get the best prices you can get by ordering tickets in advance, you know! Have a sweet and affordable escape in Bali!