How to Make an Indonesian Passport

Hello traveladdict friends! This time we will share how to make a passport when it’s new to normal. We have previously written about the differences between electronic passports and ordinary passports in the following article: Passport and E-Passport, now you know the difference, right? Now, regarding how to make a passport, you must remember that not all immigration offices serve e-passports. Usually the class I immigration office that opens services for e-passports, you can check the list on the website of the Directorate General of Immigration.

Passport Service when New Normal

You do not already know that the passport service has been reopened since June 15, 2020. For those who can’t wait to go abroad, let’s get a passport right away! Now the types of services that will be served are making a new passport, managing damaged, lost, or changing passports, and extending the validity period of the passport.

Service registration

Now the passport service registration system is sophisticated, friend, so at the immigration office, there is a daily quota for processing passports. In the past, we had to come to the immigration office first to get the queue quota, now, for example, the quota was full, we would be told to go home and come back the next day, oh my sadness. Now you just have to install the Passport Queue application which can be found on the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore then register through the application.

Service quota

There’s something different, a friend is the new normal, the passport-making service quota will be reduced to 50% of the quota before the pandemic. To see the quota in the application you can check every Friday at 2 pm!

Health protocol

Of course, this is mandatory everywhere for us to maintain health protocols so that this pandemic is quickly over, friend! Now, in this new normal, passport applicants must comply with health protocols when entering the immigration office, such as wearing a mask, keeping your distance, washing hands, and checking the temperature.

11 Steps to Make a Passport

Now you know what you want to register for a regular or electronic passport, which immigration office, and the new policy when it’s new to normal. Already, let’s immediately check how to make a passport from us:


  1. Prepare the following:
    • Family card
    • Birth certificate / certificate / marriage book
    • E-KTP
    • Stamp 6000
    • Pen
    • Photocopy of the above documents (but still need to bring the original documents)
  2. Use the passport queuing application from immigration to collect the passport queue quota for that day at the designated immigration office. Later you will get a barcode or code which when you come to the immigration office is used as proof that you have taken the quota in the application
  3. The officer at the immigration office will provide a sequence number (this serial number matches the time of arrival at the immigration office)
  4. The clerk then gives a form that must be filled, while waiting for the call
  5. If it has been called, give the requested form, and a folder will be given to enter the required passport documents into it
  6. The clerk will give you a serial number for the interview and a photo for your passport (don’t forget to dress neatly! The photo will be 5 years old too, bro)
  7. The applicant submits the documents during the interview, then is interviewed by the officer, the questions are about data verification, employment, and reasons for applying for a passport
  8. After the interview there will be a photo-taking, make sure the best pose is yes!
  9. After the process ends you will get an ID Billing letter, then you have to pay at any bank according to the cost of making a passport a maximum of one week from the time the letter is given, if you don’t pay until the time runs out, the letter will be forfeited and you have to re-register
  10. If you have paid within 4 working days, return to the immigration office where you registered, and submit proof of payment (Proof of State Acceptance) from the bank and ID Billing letter to the officer (don’t forget to bring the original E-KTP)
  11. Please wait for the officer to call and then the passport is submitted

So, what do you do, bro, you already know how to make a passport? If you already have a passport, take good care of it, don’t lose it or damage it, because the way to make a passport takes quite a bit of time, friend! That’s all from traveladdict, for other traveling tips you can read on the traveladdict website! See you!