South Korea is arguably the highest country inviting obsession and khalayan. Especially in the last few years. With the development of South Korea from various sectors, especially the entertainment industry, making the faces and figures of Korean celebrities haunts everywhere.

With the upbeat song combined with the cool movements that are familiarly called K-pop and the blue touching drama which every day becomes the byword of Indonesian people with their favorite nickname, Drakor, makes us synoptic with their faces that are carried away by dreams. Until it comes to the question, what cosmetic products do they use?

Through advertisements and Brand Ambassadors who present Korean boy groups/girl groups as well as Korean actors/actresses, it’s no wonder that Korean cosmetics has become a favorite hunt for global citizens, especially Indonesia, whose giant fan-base power is no doubt when dealing with anything Korean. The dream of having a life like Seo Dal-mi so that Nam Do-san and Han Ji-pyung can win over in a Start-Up-style career is the perfect motivation to pursue Korean cosmetics tirelessly.

Myeong-dong Street hustle and bustle when chasing Korean cosmetics.
The atmosphere of Myeong-dong Street
Image source: Flickr

Do you know that traveladdictfriends in South Korea, especially Seoul, get Korean cosmetics that easy and cheap just by visiting the right place. Yep, Myeong-dong Street is the answer to all your prayers! Myeong-dong Street is a must-have destination if you visit Seoul because all Korean cosmetics you need are guaranteed to be here. The price is very cheap. Apart from frequent discounts, many products are only IDR 10,000, such as sheet masks, even Nature Republic masks are given free per basket, you know. The cosmetics that enliven Myeong-dong Street are also only 50% of the price we are used to.

Myeong-dong Street is also very strategic, your favorite Korean cosmetics will be at your fingertips only need to travel to Myeong-dong Subway Station on the Seoul Subway by taking lane 4 and exit at exit 6/7 or can be accessed also from Euljiro Station 1 (il)– ga at Seoul Subway Line 2 and take exit 5/6.

Not only is it cheap and easy to access, but Myeong-dong Street also provides another convenience by being able to store goods. For traveladdict friends, you will definitely go crazy when you see discounts,now you don’t need to worry because your shopping activities will not be disturbed by your luggage which can be deposited at Myeong-dong Station on exit 2 and exit 3.

How? Let’s check out 7 recommendations for Korean cosmetics to make your Korean style life come true, all of which can be found at Myeong-dong Street!

1. eSpoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow

The mainstay of Korean beauty products, namely the eSpoir Pro Tailor Foundation.
Shade Vanilla from the eSpoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow
(Image source: eSpoir Official Website)

Talk of cosmetics is definitely not far from the topic of order. Because the price is not cheap, you definitely want optimal results by applying it properly. After washing your face and wearing your favorite skincare, make-up can be started from the foundation. The first recommendation for Korean cosmetics is a foundationthat comes from the eSpoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow with 7 shade variants.

Comes with SPF 25 PA ++ and equipped with a spatula that will make it easier for you to even out this 10 mlfoundation. Keeping the promise with its variant name Be Glow, thisfoundation is so thin and light that it will give you a magical illusion of a healthy, radiant skin finish like no makeup. For those who are looking for Korean cosmetics with naturally beautiful effects without much effort, you have found the answer.

2. Innisfree Matte Mineral Setting Powder

Korean beauty products that fight excess oil. Innisfree Matte Mineral Setting Powder.
Korean Cosmetics Innisfree Matte Mineral Setting Powder
(Image source: Innisfree Official Website)

After the foundation, don’t forget to brush on the powder to support your glowing face. The powder is arguably the most affectionate thing to buy, so you must be wondering why powder should be Korean cosmetics even though there is a baby powder that is more affordable and large and generous. Trust me you will not regret this one Korean cosmetics,Innisfree Matte Mineral Setting Powder.

This powder is able to reduce excess oil, especially in the T-zone area and the great thing is that it won’t add blackheads. Not only that, this Korean cosmetics has a soft texture so that it can support the foundation without feeling thick and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

3. Banila Co. Cheer Water Cheek

Liquid blush is a mainstay for those of you who are casual but elegant, typical of Korean beauty products.
Banila Co. Cheer Water Cheek
(Image source: Amazon)

Glowing skin has been achieved with the two Korean cosmetics above, then makeup can be continued by removing the paleness from the face. If you are used to powder blush that gives a firm and strong impression, this Korean cosmetics has a new breakthrough for those of you who want a lighter impression.

Banila Co. Cheer Water Cheek is a liquid blush that is available in 7 color variants so that it embraces all skin tones. Can be applied with or without foundation, this liquid blush is perfect for those of you who just want to give a blush to the cheeks. Its liquid and light texture makes this Korean cosmetic easy to apply with your fingers to get a prominent butflawless finish.

4. Missha Perfect Eyebrow Styler

Korean beauty products that will make your eyebrows perfect all day long.
Missha Perfect Eyebrow Styler varian Red-brown
(Image source: Missha Official Website)

This one thing is like oxygen for women, they cannot live without an eyebrow pencil. Behind the absurdity of using eyebrow pencils, this one cosmetic often invites tempest. Starting from too thick, choosing the wrong color, to making faces change direction. Again, Korean cosmetics are showing off their ability to create a natural and natural impression with Missha Perfect Eyebrow Styler.

This Korean cosmetics comes in 4 color variants in order to follow all the hair colors of the earth’s population, from black, brown, gray, and red-brown. Appearing in a 2 in 1 package, this Korean cosmetics includes a brow drawer to fill in eyebrows with a gradient technique and a brushthat is tasked with giving a natural finish. Having a creamy texture, water, and sweat resistance, and providing good pigmentation, this eyebrow pencil successfully makes your appearance elegant and casual at the same time.

5. 3CE Multi Eye Color Palette in #Beach Muse

Korean beauty products that will beautify your eyes without being overly impressed.
Beautiful app of 3CE Multi Eye Color Palette in #Beach Muse
(Image source: Stylenanda Official Website)

For those who don’t like to wear eye shadow because it gives the impression of a splashy colorful appearance, you should try this flagship Korean cosmetics. The 3CE Multi Eye Color Palette in #Beach Muse is made up of 9 colors that somehow combine perfectly to complement each other. By carrying out the theme colors, namely pinkand peach, this product seems to give a deep sweet impression and also a sinister elegance, depending on the colors that are combined and matched. This Korean cosmetic product is a must-try because it can meet a variety of needs, from the office to the party

6. Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara

Korean beauty products that are ready to curl and lengthen your lashes in an instant.
Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara Long & Curl
(Image source: Etude House Official Website)

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the lashes are the curtains. It would be nice if the curtain could anesthetize anyone who saw it so that they could understand the soul of the eye owner. To enhance its beauty, a makeup called mascara is needed.

It is no secret that all humans dream of long, curly lashes. Korean cosmetics are making dreams come true again with Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara. This mascara is able to make your lashes look longer and curl with extraordinary durability. Because it is so resistant, this mascara will not fade by sweat, fresh water, even tears, you know, because this mascara can only be faded by micellar cleansing water. And the most encouraging news from Korean cosmetics on this one is that their awesome curvature doesn’t need to be preceded by the use of the scary object, namely the eyelash curler.

7. Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar

Create a real Drakor sensation with Korean cosmetics products Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar.
Adorable mixes from Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar
(Image source: Laneige Official Website)

The last and most important thing is lip color, although there are also some who are a bit dubious about wearing this makeup because it sometimes makes lips dry. But your lip dryness will end soon with Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar.

Laneige seems to establish itself in the Korean cosmetic market by being able to provide practicality and instability to do ombre lips. Cooperating with Song Hye-Kyo as its Brand Ambassador for 10 years, certainly makes Laneige Two Tone Lip Barincreasingly known to the public, especially through the drama Descendents of The Sun. Apparently, fame is directly proportional to quality. Laneige Two Tone Lip Baris what you need if you are looking for a matte but moisturized, soft, long-lasting, bright feel, and most importantly, like living in a drakor.

For a natural, natural finish that gives a charming flawless impression, Myeong-dong Street is your main destination and Korean cosmetics is your weapon.

Those are 7 complete Korean cosmetics for all layers of your face. Surely you can’t wait to realize your version of Drakor? To make it more complete the feeling of being taken over in the style of Nam Do-san, after being satisfied shopping at Myeong-dong Street, you can also visit theStart-Up shooting location, you know!

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