What is the most synonymous thing with Seoul if you imagine it in your mind? Maybe most will answer K-Drama with favorite top actors and actresses who are beautiful and professional acting in each role. There are also those who imagine Seoul to be synonymous with the K-Pop explosion that has always rocked the world music industry and is enjoyed by millions and even billions of people. It is not uncommon for people to think about how minimalist and cute the clothing styles of people from this city are so that they inspire the fashion styles of fashion lovers.

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The capital of the land of ginseng, namely South Korea, Seoul has become one of the centers for cultural meetings and exchanges between people from around the world. Reporting from businessinsider.com, Seoul ranks 11th as the most tourist destination city in 2019. Given the allure it offers, it is not surprising to know the facts.

Apart from the things that have been mentioned above, the typical food of this city is also very popular because of its taste which is considered according to the majority of Asian tongues. Not a few European and American people also tried and were amazed and finally liked Korean food.

One of the most popular food in Seoul.
JaJangmyeon is a traditional noodle dish from South Korea which is still popular today.

Korean restaurants have also been successful in developing in various countries, either with the authentic concept or a combination with local tastes or tongues. Likewise, restaurants in Seoul that sell authentic food mixed with the flavors of other countries’ dishes. As a result of this development and combination, restaurants that offer a series of culinary tours are one of the strong reasons why this city is visited by many tourists.

This time, traveladdict will discuss restaurants in Seoul with mainstay menus which are certainly interesting but a little different. Not just a restaurant, but a luxury restaurant as a reference for those of you who want to experience exclusive service and a classy atmosphere.

Without waiting anymore, let’s just start an interesting discussion about some of these fancy restaurants in Seoul, shall we?

1. Mingles

One of the luxury foods in Seoul with a combination of French elements.
One of Mingles’ unique desserts.

This restaurant is owned by a renowned chef, Kang Mingoo, who is experienced in his field. Mingoo was once appointed head chef at one of the famous Hollywood celebrity favorite restaurant branches, Nobu in the Bahamas, before he opened his own restaurant. He relies on a family heritage recipe of vinegar and fermented sauces in each of his main dishes.

The menus here are still thick with traditional flavors even though they are served with modern aesthetics and a touch of French and Spanish dishes. Regarding the price, this restaurant has a variety of prices from Rp.484,000.00 to Rp1,629,000.00. The price is quite far above the standard in general, right?

Address: 19 Dosan-daero 67-gil, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea (+82 2-515-7306).

2. Tavolo 24

One of the most comprehensive buffet variations in Seoul
A variety of dishes that have no doubt of taste, make you even more confused to choose.

Located in the same building as the famous JW Marriott hotel, this place carries the concept of an all-you-can-eat buffet which provides a variety of package options depending on your taste. Given its proximity to a stopover for tourists from various parts of the world, it’s no wonder that food choices and flavors are made to suit everyone’s tastes and desires.

This all-you-can-eat package has a price range of IDR 984,000 to IDR 1,388,000.00. How? Interested in eating and drinking as much as you want until you are full at such a cost?

Address: JW Marriott Dongdaemun, 279 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno 5 (o) .6 (yuk) ga-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea (+82 2-2276-3320).

3. Jungsik

A famous sweet dish menu is in one of the famous hotels in Seoul
Dessert with vanilla cream and lemon.

This time, the restaurant focuses on bringing authentic Korean food into a fine-dining model with Yim Jung Sik as the chef and founder of this restaurant. One of the most famous dishes is the fusion Bibimbap and Gimbap served with pork rolls. The dessert also takes on unique flavors such as vanilla, pecan praline,and black truffle.

Unmitigated, the menu served starts from IDR 704,000 to IDR 2,113,000.00. Given the exclusive selection of expensive and quality ingredients, do you think it will be worth the price offered?

Address: 11 Seolleung-ro 158-gil, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea (+82 2-517-4654).

4. Pierre Gagnaire

One of the most luxurious French restaurants in Seoul
You can feel the elegant, luxurious, and classic French aura when you enter the lobby.

Predicted to be one of the restaurants selling the prettiest views of Seoul, this restaurant is known as a romantic date spot for dinner. The menu served at this restaurant is entirely French food, but what is unique is precise because this restaurant is very busy and is a favorite of Seoul people themselves.

The owner of the restaurant with the same name, Pierre Gagnaire, decided to open a branch of his restaurant in this city due to the enormous potential for French culinary development.

You can feel the luxurious atmosphere of this restaurant as soon as we enter the lobby. Classic European style does not seem old and antique but rather elegant and sophisticated. Uniquely, even though it serves French food, almost 80% of the ingredients used come from South Korea.

With the authenticity of the cuisine taste that is maintained and the creative French style, this restaurant sets menu prices ranging from Rp.465,000.00 to Rp1,873,000.00. Hmm, how about this one? Are you interested in visiting French restaurants in Seoul?

Address: Lotte Hotel Seoul, Jung-gu, Euljiro 1 (il) -ga, Eulji-ro, 30 롯데 호텔 서울 Executive Tower 35F, Seoul, South Korea (+82 2-317-7181).

Wow, I just read the review until the end, I was confused about how much money to spend to be able to enjoy the dishes and services of one of the restaurants above.

Eits, but guaranteed, deh! You will not regret experiencing the delicious and aesthetic food with a very beautiful view and interior.