Korean drama start up
Korean Drama “Start-Up” by Nam Joo-Hyuk and Bae Suzy (Source: AsianWiki)

If you are asked what Korean dramas are currently hitting hits, you must answer “Start-Up” at once! A tour of Seoul visiting a shooting location to see a drama set that attracts attention will definitely make you curious and can add to the excitement of your vacation.

Pandemic situations require you to stay indoors, and of course, you have also done a lot to spend time looking for busyness. Whether it’s doing hobbies that haven’t been done before, working from home to relaxing. One of the activities that have become everyone’s hobby now is watching Korean dramas, including you too, right?

What dramas are trending lately? Especially if it’s not the drama starring Nam Joo-Hyuk and Bae Suzy, namely Start-Up!

This drama tells the story of a woman who stops college and chooses to work part-time to make ends meet and fulfill her dream of opening a business. This drama teaches many things that are very relatable to everyday life, especially for those of you who are in your 20s.

Well, if you pay attention to some of the scenes that often appear in the drama, there are many locations that attract attention and make you curious. Where is the shooting location for this Start-Up drama? You can visit these locations to add to the excitement of your Seoul tour, you know!

Sand Box

Sand Box is a company in Korea that provides facilities and money to people who have start-up businesses. In other words, the Sand Box is a place for senior business people to provide capital for junior businessmen as well as become mentors or mentors.

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In the early scenes of the Start-Up drama, you must have seen a company with the big Sand Box logo, which is often the setting for this drama. Well, it turns out that this company is only in the script and not in the real world. The director and drama crew gave an overview of the Sand Box company which turned out to be partly illustrative. The shooting location for the Sand Box setting also varies, first check, let’s go, where is the place!

Robot Land

bae suzy at start up
Scene of Suzy inside the Sand Box building (Source: tvN)

This setting appears in the first episode, where the female lead, Bae Suzy, visits Sand Box for the first time. The shooting of the scene took place at an amusement park called Robot Land in Incheon City. Incheon is in the western part of Seoul and can be reached by public transportation in about 1 hour. There’s nothing wrong with coming to Incheon for a while in the middle of your Seoul tour?

hall sand box
Visualization of the interior of the Sand Box hall in the first episode of Start-Up (Source: tvN)
interior sandbox
Sand Box Hall located in Robot Land (Source: tvN)

Doesn’t look like a building under construction, huh? Really cool, here, the drama crew!

incheon land robot
Robot Land in Incheon which is currently under construction (Source: ifez.go.kr)

Robot Land was built by the Incheon government for workers who focus on the robotics industry. The plan, this place is built for robot-based business and research purposes and will start operating in 2024. Before you go on a Seoul tour and come to Robot Land, you can read information about the progress of Robot Land development, which you can read on the official website.

Even though it is currently under construction, one of the places, the Robot Experience Center, is already in operation and has become the shooting location for the Start-Up drama as an inner setting of the Sand Box building.

Nodeul Island

sand box exterior
The front yard of the Sand Box is vast and magnificent (Source: tvN)
zoomed out sand box
The magnificent Sand Box building seen from afar at night (Source: tvN)

If you pay attention to the scene where the Sand Box company building is seen from the outside, you can see how spacious, luxurious, and beautiful the building is. In fact, the setting is just an illustration and specifically for shooting the exterior. The Sand Box is located on a small island called Nodeul Island. A small island that is included in the tourist area of ​​Seoul that you can visit.

top view sand box
Visualization looks over the Sand Box in the drama (Source: tvN)

In dramas, the Sand Box building is often shot overlooking it as seen in the picture above. Apparently, the crew only added the words ‘Sand Box’ to a building that was originally located on Nodeul Island. If you use public transportation during your Seoul tour, Nodeul Island can be found easily, really, because this island connects two regions in Seoul.

seoul travel to nodeul island
Nodeul Island top view, connecting two areas in Seoul (Source: Seoul Metropolitan Government)

Even though the Sand Box is only in the script, you can, really, visit the shooting location in the real world!

nodeul island front view
The view inside the Nodeul Island area (Source: visitseoul.net)

This island is located in Seoul, under a bridge called Hangangdaegyo. Nodeul Island is a tourist area of ​​Seoul that focuses on nature, books, and music. You can enjoy the facilities provided on this island, such as a Live House, Nodeul Book Store, Plant Island, and others. If you are interested in finding out more about Nodeul Island, you can check here.

Oil Tank Culture Park

front view of the sand box
Visualization of the front view of the Sand Box building (Source: tvN)

The shooting location for the last Sand Box setting is a park located near the World Cup Stadium in Seoul, Oil Tank Culture Park. You can visit these two places at once during your Seoul tour. Here, a shot for the front view of the Sand Box building is made.

front view of the sand box
Artistic and modern Sand Box entrance (Source: tvN)

Previously, this park was a closed park that could not be accessed by ordinary people and was only used as a storage area for oil.

oil tank culture park
Night view at Oil Tank Culture Park (Source: visitseoul.net)

Currently, the Oil Tank Culture Park can be visited by the general public and of course tourists, including those of you who plan to tour Seoul. This park has become an eco-friendly cultural space while maintaining old equipment for storing oil. Several buildings were converted into a performance hall, exhibition hall, and a multi-function hall. A new building was also built to serve as a cafe and there is a large courtyard that is currently used for a cultural plaza.

This park operates 24 hours and you can visit it at any time, the buildings inside are also allowed to enter every day, except for the exhibition hall which is closed on Monday. So, whenever you are on a Seoul tour, you can really come to the Oil Tank Culture Park!

How, here, do you guys want to visit the locations above, right? Quickly register the locations on the wishlist first, to make your Seoul trip easier. Especially if you’ve watched the Korean drama Start-Up, it will definitely make you more nostalgic when you come to the shooting location!