There are many tourist attractions in the world that offer sophisticated transportation, magnificent skyscrapers, and speed of transactions to attract the hearts of tourists. However, some tourists apparently prefer the natural and organic atmosphere that is owned by the countryside as it is. Who would have thought, the countryside that offers serenity and peace, as well as pristine natural scenery, can refresh our minds just by breathing the air deeply.

The author summarizes the 7 most beautiful villages in the world for those of you who need refreshing, traveladdict friends. The most beautiful villages below could be your choice to escape for a moment from the complications during the pandemic. One of them is from Indonesia!

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Here are 7 of the most beautiful villages in the world with the best views that can amaze the eye:

  1. Grasmere, Lake District, England

2. Wengen, Switzerland

3. Spello, Italy

4. Pariangan, West Sumatra, Indonesia

5. Shirakawa-Go, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

6. Hallstat, Austria

7. Oia, Kyklades, Greece

The villages above are included in the 7 most beautiful villages in the world. Besides being able to be entertained when you are tired, the air and the stunning scenery in the countryside can also be an alternative to stress healing. Here’s the full review:

1. Grasmere, Lake District, England

Grasmere Village, Lake District, England
Lake views and green landscapes unfold in the Lake District

The royal country of England has a myriad of tourist villages that can spoil our eyes, traveladdict! Even though it is difficult to determine which one is the best, the writer has recommendations that will not disappoint you. Grasmere Village, the name.

The most beautiful village on this one is located in the Lake District, England. The Lake District itself is well known as an area with a vast green landscape surrounded by clear, beautiful rivers. Right around the corner is Grasmere, the village most famous for being the home of the great English writer, Wordsworth.

Grasmere Village has beautiful and calming lake views. Not only stunning the eye, but there are also colorful boats available for rent for tourists who want to enjoy the calm of the countryside. You can find cafes with typical British tea and delicious food on street corners. Apart from that, there is also a beautiful and clean walking path that you can walk to Rydal Water.

With its location in the greenest area in Great Britain, this place is perfect for those of you who like to spend time in the wild while swimming, climbing hills, or hiking. While traveling, to make it more memorable, don’t forget to try this village-specific ginger cake which many visitors recommend!

2. Wengen, Switzerland

Wengen Village, Switzerland
The village of Wengen is peaceful and cool

Hearing the name Switzerland, most likely our minds will imagine the countryside with a background of mountains and waterfalls. You can find this familiar sight in Wengen, Switzerland. Just like the pictures on your postcard and wallpaper, this village presents typical rural buildings in Europe with beautiful landscapes. Really recommended!

Set against a backdrop of the Alps and cliffs decorated with Staubbach waterfalls, this most beautiful village in Switzerland is even more striking with its typical fairyland houses, mostly wood. It is highly recommended to bring a camera, traveladicct friends because there will be many stunning views that you definitely want to capture through photos.

You will also encounter cool air throughout the day because the amount of pollution is very minimal. Wengen Village enforces a regulation that prohibits motorized vehicles from exploring the village except for certain interests so that the air condition is very well maintained. In winter, you can also try skiing amidst the snowy mountains.

Dont worry! For those of you who are just learning, beginners can start a track with a low to medium difficulty level. Meanwhile, those who are experts will get free access around the Jungfrau area so that they are more flexible. Because the air is very cold, make sure you are prepared with warm clothes that are complete so that unwanted things do not happen. For more information about tours in Wengen and accommodation, you can just check here.

3. Spello, Italy

The village of Spello in Italy
The streets and buildings of the town of Spello in medieval style

The most beautiful Italian village, Spello, is like a painting in medieval times. You can find tall buildings made of brown stone decorated with colorful flowers on every street corner. Even though Spello is not the main destination for tourists to Italy, for those of you who want to see local wisdom firsthand, Spello will be the best recommendation for a trip.

When entering this village, you will be greeted by a typical Roman stone gate commonly called Porta Venere, Porta Urbica, Porta Romana, Porta Consolare, and Porta San Sisto. You can choose one of these gates to visit a village with views of the vast green valley around it.

The locals at Spello really appreciate the tourists who visit, and as you walk around they will greet you at your doorstep with friendly smiles. With a population of only around 6,000, this village is very peaceful and calming. For your art fans, this village is famous for paintings made by Pinturicchio during the Renaissance which can still be found in the church of S. Maria Maggiore. The architecture seems to take you to the Middle Ages, so cool!

The best time to visit Spello is in spring and summer where you can witness the geraniums, whose crowns are in full bloom in red. At the same time, this village also presents the L’infiorata festival where the walking paths are decorated with various flower garlands. The flower crowns are arranged in such a way that makes the streets of Spello look like a carpet of flowers. Herbs with fragrant smells are also used as decorations that beautify Spello and leave a fragrance that you will remember until home.

4. Pariangan, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Pariangan Village, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Amazing view of Pariangan village.

If the previous one was abroad, the most beautiful village this time is originally from Indonesia. Especially if it’s not Pariangan! Located at the foot of the mountain, this village has cool air and green rice fields stretching out with colorful flowers.

The traditional buildings of West Sumatra, which we usually know as the Rumah Gadang, are the most interesting things besides the natural conditions and the friendly people. The gadang houses are built neatly following the contours of the mountain because of the rural location on the slopes of Mount Marapi.

Because Pariangan earth is blessed with fertile land, many local people use this to farm as their main livelihood. So don’t be surprised that a variety of beautiful plants can easily be found here. One of the tourism media from New York has also named this village as one of the most beautiful villages in the world and is able to stand side by side with other well-known villages such as Wengen in Switzerland.

Apart from the natural conditions that make you amazed, Pariangan village also has interesting local cultural properties, you know! For example, the rice fields that are managed as cultural heritage by residents are called the Gadang Satampang Baniah rice fields, and the Ishlah mosque which was built in the 19th century with typical Tibetan architecture. In this mosque, there are hot springs that come from Marapi and are used as ablution water by the Muslim community there. Interested in visiting?

5. Shirakawa-Go, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Shirakawa-go Village, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
Relaxing afternoons in Shirakawa-Go

Japan also has no shortage of beautiful village treats with eye-catchingviews, traveladdict’s best friend. Shirakawa-go, the next most beautiful village in Gifu Prefecture. This village has a feast for the eyes, from architecture to landscapes. In 1995, UNESCO designated Shirakawa-Go as a world heritage site because the residents still live there with a lifestyle that tends to be outdated amidst the chaos of Japan and globalization.

It is as if this tiny village is protected by mountains lined up neatly around it. Last year, the population census recorded that there were only about 1600 residents in this village. Therefore, for those of you who like a quiet rural atmosphere, you can visit and see the routines of residents in Shirakawa-go outside enjoying the beautiful scenery, you know, traveladdict friends.

Shirakawa go is famous for its traditional Japanese house style known as Gassho-zukurinya. The peculiarity of this building is characterized by a high pointed roof, representing a unique ancient Japanese culture. The shape of this roof turns out to have a philosophy, which is as if it resembles the hand of a buddha who is praying.

The condition of the gassho roof makes it easier for the snow to just fall on the ground because the conditions of this village are one of the very snowy conditions all over Japan. If you can’t stand the cold, it is highly recommended to visit there in spring or autumn, so that your sightseeing is accompanied by golden leaves or Japanese flowers in bloom. You can get tour information and other complete recommendations directly on the official Shirakawa-go website.

6. Hallstat, Austria

Hallstat, Austria
The state of Hallstatt village on the shore of the lake when winter arrives

traveladdict Have you ever watched the Disney film Frozen? If so, you must be familiar with the name Arandelle, the place where Anna and Elsa live. It is said that Hallstatt is the real form of Arandelle, you know! How not, every corner of the most beautiful village in Austria deserves to be inspired by a fairy tale.

The village of Hallstatt is located on the shores of the Hallstätter See, a lake at the foot of the Dachstein Mountains with a depth of 125 meters. With clear, sparkling water, tourists often spend their time there either just to relax or do other activities such as swimming and renting a boat. The inn building overlooking the lake and mountains in the distance will stun your eyes once morning arrives.

In winter, heavy snow will blanket the village and create a white expanse on the roof like a snow carpet. The reflection of the Dachstein mountains and the warm yellow lights of the buildings on the edge of the lake also look very beautiful and feel like in a real Frozen movie. Not to mention that at the same time there are aurora borealis and stars sparkling in the sky, wow it makes you feel at home!

7. Oia, Kyklades, Greece

Oia Village, Kyklades, Greece
Night view of the village of Oia overlooking the Aegean sea

Greece is not only famous for its mythological stories, its location is close to the Mediterranean sea, making Greece a rich tourist destination targeted by tourists. Call it Oia, a beautiful little village on the island of Santorini. Even though it is not far from the city center of Santorini, namely Fira, Oia can be an alternative choice when you want to relax in a quieter place.

The village is famous for its white houses and blue church roofs that match the color of the seawater. You may also have often seen his photos scattered on Instagram because seen from far or near, Oia is really instagrammable. Oia is built on the highest cliff in Santorini and directly overlooks the exotic Aegean Sea. Can you imagine how beautiful it is?

Here, one building to another is only separated by a narrow street and is often used as a photo spot by tourists. While walking through a beautiful alley, you can stop by the shops owned by local residents that sell various typical village artworks. Apart from that, what you shouldn’t miss is watching the sunset with your traveling partner. From the top of the cliff and directly facing the sea, this moment will definitely make you amazed.

Those are the seven most beautiful villages in the world that are perfect for being an alternative tourist destination when you are bored with monotonous cities. Like a fairy tale, as far as the eye can see you will be presented with a stretch of mountains, lakes and bluish sea, waterfalls, and cool and soothing village air.

Spending your time for a moment in the 7 most beautiful villages above is guaranteed to make your tour more memorable. When you return to the city, your mind will be fresher because you have received a calming intake of nature. Interested in wanting to experience it in person? Come on, immediately determine your preferred destination!