Japan is a dream country for everyone, especially travelers. So, are you one of the travelers who want to vacation in Japanese tourist attractions? Do you already know what cities you must visit and always become a target for foreign tourists?

A country with beautiful scenery, open people, and of course not to miss street food are some of the reasons that everyone will want to visit Japan.

Let’s check first, some of the favorite Japanese tourist attractions for travelers like you:

Tokyo, the Center for Major Japanese Tourist Destinations

Shinkansen, the fastest train in the world made by Japan

Tokyo Station is the first place for a traveler before visiting other areas in Tokyo. Japanese trains or commonly called the Shinkansen have a fairly long track, one of which is Tokyo Station. The Shinkansen is the main form of transportation for travelers traveling to Japan. You will be treated to a beautiful and awe-inspiring view, making a trip on the Shinkansen feel fresh and not boring. In addition, the Shinkansen is the fastest train in Japan with high technology. Wow, curious, right, what is it like to ride the Shinkansen?

shibuya crossing
Shibuya Crossing is always bustling with locals and foreign tourists

The capital of Japan is one of the favorite cities of tourists which is very distinctive with a bustling urban atmosphere with skyscrapers. One very popular target area is the Shibuya Crossing. This crossroads, which of course is very familiar to your eyes, is a very photogenic place and is often used as photographic content by many tourists. The atmosphere of the workers crossing the crossing regularly spoils the eyes of the tourists as it is considered a rarity in other countries. To make you more interested, Shibuya Crossing is also a frequent shooting area for movies and music videos, you know!

shinjuku street
The streets of Shinjuku that are full of sparkling lights are eye-catching

Another popular area is Shinjuku, which has many karaoke bars and clubs characterized by pretty neon lights at night. This area is suitable for those of you who like to tour Japan until the night. Aesthetic scenery with a typical metropolis night atmosphere, makes you feel at home to take a walk in the Shinjuku area.

sensoji temple
Sensoji Temple, one of the popular temples in Tokyo

There is also the Sensoji Temple, a Buddhist temple that has been named the most colorful temple in Tokyo. There, you can enjoy the beauty and sanctity of the temple, if you are lucky, you can witness the ritual of prayer which is rarely seen by many people.

Hachiko statue
A statue of Hachiko taken from the true story of a loyal dog (Source: Japan Travel)

Furthermore, the Hachiko Memorial Statue inspired by the true story of a loyal dog waited for its owner at a train station for almost 9 years, without knowing that the owner was dead. You can stop for a moment at Shibuya Train Station in the middle of your Japan tour. The location of this statue is near Shibuya Train Station, right where Hachiko left the world in peace. Before visiting, you can read the full story of the loyal dog Hachiko, so that you will know more about the background of the statue’s creation.

Osaka, the Second Largest City in Japan You Can’t Miss

Osaka is the second-largest city in Japan which is known for its modern architecture, lively nightlife, and most-awaited, street food! Osaka is surrounded by gardens with many beautiful fruit trees such as plums, peaches, and cherries. You can imagine how much fun it will be to come to Osaka, it’s just addictive!

Osaka castle
Osaka Castle which has been built since 1583

Right in the middle of the city is Osaka Castle which is very historical for the locals. Osaka Castle is one of the historical places that should not be missed from the list of your Japan tour. Even though it has existed since prehistoric times, the interior of this castle is very modern, there is even an elevator that makes it easy for tourists to get around and see the contents of Osaka Castle.

Glico billboard
Glico Man Billboard has been installed since 50 years ago

The Glico Running Manwith a very quirky style and poses like he is running. The billboard of one of the big food companies in Japan, Glico, whose products are also well known in Indonesia until now. You must have tried the ice cream, right?

This area is very strategic because it is located between the Osaka shopping center. Especially at night, these billboards look very striking and are often used as photo spots by tourists.

Dotonbori canal
Dotonbori Canal, a unique river in the middle of the Osaka shopping center

Still in the same area, there is the Dotonbori Canal or River, which is a canal or river located in the middle of the city center. Along the river, you can find various types of street food. Here you can also take a short break while enjoying the splendor of the nightlife in Dotonbori with the beautiful sparkling urban lights.

tempozan ferris wheel
Tempozan Ferris Wheel, a large Ferris wheel in the center of Osaka

Tempozan Ferris Wheel is five minutes from Osaka Station. The Ferris wheel with a diameter of 100 meters offers a view like colorful fireworks. You can, you know, enjoy the view of Osaka for 15 minutes by riding this Ferris wheel. But, don’t forget to check the availability of tickets on the official Osaka website before coming, because this Ferris wheel will be closed at certain times, especially during bad weather.

Kyoto, where all the uniqueness of Japan meets

Don’t be surprised if you get to Kyoto you will see many people wearing traditional Japanese clothes, Kimono. In the middle of your Japan tour, even if it’s not a national day, both tourists and local residents will be milling along the streets wearing kimonos.

people in kyoto street
People in Kyoto wear traditional Kimono clothes

Here, you will find many shops that provide Kimono rental services. What’s it like, huh, it feels like walking around in a kimono?

fushimi inari shrina
Fushimi Inari which is famous for its torii numbered 1000

Near Kyoto Station, there is a shrine called Fushimi Inari Shrine. The shrine is very popular with the 1000 Torii (a gate when entering the shrine) along the pathway through the shrine. The road takes us to the wooden forest on Mount Inari. According to local beliefs, Fushimi Inari is one of a thousand sacred shrines specially created for the Shinto God of Rice.

Okay, after looking at the list, which cities have entered your Japan travel wishlist? If you already know the list of destinations, now you can save and adjust your travel budget so that your Japan tour will be more memorable and unforgettable.

Don’t forget to continue to monitor Travel Addict to see recommendations for other tourist destinations, OK!